27 Kasım 2022

When it comes to Halloween, your beard becomes your new permanent accessory. This opens up a lot of options for men’s Halloween costumes. You can throw on a plaid flannel and tuck your shirt in and you’re already half way to becoming a lumberjack. Get some faux chainmail and unleash your inner viking. Skulls and upper face masks, there is no end to just the regular costumes you can rock with a beard.

Some men will be forced to wear false beards this Fall for their costumes, but you won’t have to. You can either DIY these costumes or pick up a prepackaged one at your local Halloween store pop up – beard not included.

Let’s get started, here are the top 13 most popular Halloween costumes for bearded men.


The wizard halloween costume is a timeless classic. With a diverse range of movies and literature to pick from, there’s no end to what type of wizard you can become. You can never go wrong when dressing up as Gandalf from Lord of the Rings or Dumbledore from Harry Potter. This costume works best for:  

  • Grey beards
  • Long hair
  • Older guys
  • Minimalists

You can put this together with some long flowing robes or even your old bathrobe. The hat is a necessity. Wield your staff with caution!


The Viking sky god has graced the silver screen for years now. Halloween stores are bound to have this costume stocked up for many years to come. Bearded brothers, this is your time to play the part of a superhero for one night. The little ones might be running around in this costume too, but the real topper for this costume is the beard.


You’ll have enough puns and pirate jokes to last you from dusk to All Hallow’s Eve dawn. Swing around some rum and chase the booty until ye hearts content ‘lad!

Some pirate necessities for your costume:

  • Eyepatch
  • Swashbuckling shirt
  • Pirate hat

Demon or Devil

You have a lot of leeway with the demon costume. Go with the classic archetypal horns and pointed beard as you roam the night as the Fallen Angel or paint your face hellfire red. You can really work the face paint with this one. Make sure not to leave the house without your pitchfork or red devil cape!

Officer of the Law

We got a 129 here, requesting backup for more drinks on the second floor. Over.

Fun police, officer of the law, you name it. A full beard or a fantastic solo mustache really make this costume. Maybe you’re prepping for Movember a little early and have a mean mustache. Throw on some blue or black gear and a police hat and get ready to start the party.


Whether you’re a Justice Leaguer or a Marvel Man, we guarantee there’s a bearded superhero somewhere out there for you to dress up as. You have a couple of choices when you dress up as Aquaman. Go the shirtless route with some body paint applied, or wear some seaweed inspired shawl.

Forrest Gump

Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump is absolutely iconic. You can pick up the whole ensemble by either scrounging online for the individual pieces or buying a pre-made Forrest Gump costume.

Here’s the necessities:

  • Worn Bubba Gump Hat
  • Yellow Running Shirt
  • Red & White Shorts
  • Running Shoes & Long Socks

Bob Ross

Our artistic guru, Bob Ross, is also a classic Halloween costume idea. Get yourself a blue dress shirt and unbutton it just a few notches. If you have curly hair then do it up in a fro. If not, feel free to add a wig into the mix.


Mr.T has a mean set of beard chops. I pity the fool who tries to embody the man who once knocked out Rocky! If you’re brave enough to dress up as Mr.T, a shaved head and mohawk never hurt. But if that’s not your current style, all you’ll need is a Mr.T wig paired with some chains.

Jon Snow

You know nothing about this costume. Curly haired brothers and their well cropped beards are already one step towards becoming this man of the Night’s Watch. The actors in the show actually wear inside out rugs to create the cloaked look.

Toga Reveler

Maybe it’s last minute and you didn’t think about your costume all month. Whoops. Don’t worry, you won’t need to run around as a ghost with your head popped up through the hole of a bedsheet. Grab the nearest white sheet and start wrapping and wrinkling it. This is your toga and you can be many things throughout the night: John Belushi in Animal House, a Roman God, philosopher or even Jesus. Yeah this is a versatile costume for the ill-prepared.


While this costume might not be as timely as it was in its heyday in the late 2000s, it’s still pretty cool. Warriors and great Greek warriors all have beards. So if you’ve still been hitting the gym all year then you can’t go wrong with this Spartan costume.


The Jedi is a close costume cousin to the wizard. You have your robes and your beard. As you try to balance both the force and your two feet as the night goes on, it’ll be helpful to have that lightsaber close on hand.

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