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37 Puppy Picture Ideas to Capture Their Cuteness

Those precious few months where your puppy is adorably clumsy, small and squeezable are memories you’re going to want to cherish for a lifetime. With that in mind, we rounded up our favorite puppy photography from around the internet to inspire you to take the most frame-worthy photos. Because let’s be honest, every photo of your adorable puppy are already ‘aww-worthy.’ From newborn inspired shoots to family and cuddle shots, we’ve got you covered.

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Puppy Photoshoot Tips

Use Perspective

Use the perspective of your camera, their favorite oversized stuffed animal or their tiny body curled up in your arms to show off just how tiny and adorable your puppy is. They’ll never be this small or precious ever again!

Nap Time Is Ideal

When awake your puppy is most likely running around, playing and getting into all sorts of (adorable) trouble. But you can use their downtime to position them in the cutest ways—from a flower crown to snuggled in a basket, propped up in a teacup. You can also use these quiet and still moments to shoot their impossibly-tiny paws and ultra-soft fur.

Everything Is An Adventure—Capture It

Everything is new to a puppy, so take advantage of their curiosity and excitable personalities to capture some really unique and fun shots. For example, take them to the beach to dig for the first time, or toss a dozen balls and toys their way and capture their hilarious reaction.

37 Puppy Picture Ideas

1. All Eyes On Them

puppy photo goldie cavalier owners

Source: Allison Suter Photography

Instead of a formal family shot with everyone looking at the camera, turn towards your pup. Having the focus be sharply on them rather than you will add some great depth to the shot.

2. Get Them On The Edge

puppy photo lab bed frame

Source: WS Design Photos

We love this shot of the puppy on the edge of the bed. It works out well because they have an open frame. But this shot could also work with the puppy perched on the edge of the couch or something, too.

3. Make A Beautiful Bed

puppy photo goldie sleeping flower basket

Source: Borrowed Expressions Photography

Take advantage of their sleepy nature and prop them just about anywhere. We absolutely adore this flower wreath and the matching flower crown for the pup.

4. Capture That Playful Look

puppy photo doodle chewing stick

Source: Tatiana Skye Photography

Whether your puppy is chewing on a tick or your shoe laces, they have an adorable little face while doing it. Be sure to grab your camera next time they play or chew something up and capture the moment.

5. Get Down On Their Level

puppy photo doodle owner park

Source: Jackelyn Lynam Photography

If you’re shooting a portrait of a puppy and their human, have them get down on their level. Shoot those moments where the human is looking down at their pup and away from the camera. It will feel more natural.

6. Put Them In A Basket

puppy photo choc lab flower crown

Source: Lauren Dobish Photography

This is classic for a reason—it’s timeless and adorable. Whether you shoot your puppy with a beautiful flower crown or trying to stumble out, you’re bound to capture something sweet and worth sharing.

7. Stuff Them In Your Jacket

puppy photo black white frenchie

Source: Lichter Photography

One of the best things about having a puppy is that you can take them everywhere. Next time you stuff them in your jacket and carry them around, shoot them peeking out of the front or nestling into your collar.

8. Sleeping With A Toy

puppy photo goldie pink sleeping

Source: Borrowed Expressions Photography

Luckily puppies sleep—and they sleep a lot. So, capture these quiet moments snuggled up with their favorite new toy. It’s bound to be precious.

9. Show Off Their Paws

puppy photo doodle paws sleeping

Source: Tamara Jaros Photography

Those tiny little paws aren’t going to be like that forever. Get up close to those fuzzy little paws and capture their cuteness. It’s even better if you can get them up against a cozy blanket, too.

10. The Simba Shot

puppy photo goldie lifted sleeping

Source: Jessica Trinh

Copy that scene in the Lion King where baby Simba is held up. You can capture your puppy’s adorable expression and showcase features like their tiny paws. The focus and upward angle on this shot really puts it over the top.

11. Get Them In The Grass

puppy photo daschund laying grass

Source: Pittsburgh Pet Photographer

Have your puppy play around in the grass and shoot them from above. It’s a fun natural backdrop and an interesting angle.

12. Sunset Shots

puppy photo owner carrying doodle

Source: Laura Memory Photography & Videography

There’s nothing that elevates a photo like good lighting. Just about any photo of your pup will be cute, but stick them in a field during sunset and you’re bound to walk away with some epic snaps.

13. Shoot Upsidedown

puppy photo sheep dog upside down

Source: Grace and Goose

You puppy is bound to contort themselves into some funny positions. Shoot them playing around and capture these funny angles.

14. Play With The Sheets

puppy photo dalmation bed sheet

Source: Emily Lucarz Photography

Capture your puppy’s natural playful nature in a beautiful way. Tossing around crisp white sheets makes a wonderful backdrop for you to capture some great movement of both your puppy and the billowing sheets.

15. Make Them Sit For a Portrait

puppy photo newfie green chair

Source: Grace and Goose

We’re not saying this will be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. We love the beautiful little chair they sat this fluffy puppy into.

16. Create A Plush Backdrop

puppy photo tiny black lab

Source: Megan Kelsey Photography

Shooting dogs with darker fur can be difficult. But putting them up against something lighter and plush, like this beautiful baby-blue blanket, can really make your puppy pop.

17. Focus On Their Features

puppy photo daschund yellow house

Source: Kal Visuals

Use a strong focus to selectively highlight certain features about your puppy. It could be their short stubby legs or their tiny face. We love how this photographer has kept the entire body in the shot, allowing your eye to move up and over to the head which is in focus.

18. Let Them Go Crazy

puppy photo aussie snacking

Source: Hails & Shine

Give your puppy a whole lot of toys or a big pile of treats and let them go wild! You’re bound to capture some adorable expressions and totally make their day.

19. Flower Crown

puppy photo goldie flower crown

Source: J. Annabella Images

Make those sweet, sleepy moments even more special with a flower crown. We love this in baby photo shoots, and it’s equally beautiful on puppies.

20. Cuddle Up Together

puppy photo pyrenees owners

Source: Samantha Lafoon Photography

Of course, you need some family shots, too. So put your puppy in between you and cuddle them up together.

21. Get Goofy

puppy photo doodle grass

Source: Kat Ku Photography/Modern Pet Photos

Start playing with your puppy to capture those priceless expressions. We suggest putting your camera in sport mode so you can’t miss those precious moments. If this shot has you in puppy overload, these puppy quotes will also put you over the edge.

22. Use Household Items

puppy photo frenchies biting sock

Source: Kelly Jo Photography

Does your pup already have a thing for socks? Give into their whims just this once and you’re sure to capture a hilariously cute image.

23. Dig, Dig, Dig!

puppy photo russell digging beach

Source: Greg Murray Photography

Puppies are mischievous little creatures. Capture them digging around in the sand or the backyard. Chances are the hole will be bigger than they are which will only add to the cuteness.

24. Shoot Close To You

puppy photo owner carrying frenchie

Source: Frame Your Pet

You can never seem to want to put a puppy down—so don’t. Capture them in your arms or perched up on your shoulder watching the world go by. One day they may be too big to do so.

25. Focus On Their Face

puppy photo doodle black nose sleeping

Source: Tamara Jaros Photography

Since puppies move around so much, it’s probably easiest to capture their faces while they’re sound asleep. We love how the photographer here has positioned the head directly in the foreground and used the angle of the body to fill the background.

26. The Group Shot

puppy photo fall family woods

Source: Jennifer Christy Photography

Instead of posing around for a family shoot, act normal. Goo and gush over your new puppy, give hugs and even belly rubs. The photos are much more dynamic and personal. This is also a great tip for incorporating your puppy in a wedding.

27. Set Them Up

puppy photo choc lab moon

Source: Keri Meyers Photography

This shot of a puppy on a stool is beyond cute. We love how the photographer has played with texture here, too, adding a knitted blanket and a shaggy rug. These small details really enhance the overall shot.

28. Playing With A Toy

puppy photo frenchie running toy

Source: Blee Photography

Have your puppy grab their favorite toy and snap a few shots. Extra points for cuteness if the toy is much bigger than they are.

29. Use Their Coloring

puppy photo goldie haystack

Source: Rachel Hughes Photography

If your dog is golden, put them in some hay. If your dog is brown or orange, get them in a pile of leaves. Using a natural backdrop that’s the same color as their fur will be like the cutest edition of Where’s Waldo there ever was.

30. Bath Time

puppy photo goldie bow bath

Source: Photographed by Carlye Allen

Get ready for cuteness overload—as it may be hard to shoot this without wanting to immediately cuddle them. Be sure to add bubbles to your bath too, as it’ll add some great dimension and something fun for them to interact with.

31. You Can Put Them in Just About Anything

puppy photo goldie blanket tub

Source: Lyndsey’s Photo Co.

Place your pup in just about anything overly big or really small and you’re bound to shoot something too adorable for words. If you need help getting them to sit still, use treats or their favorite toy.

32. Focus On Their Newborn Fur

puppy photo doodle wrapped sleeping

Source: Kristin Zabos Photography

Puppies are just like babies—there’s nothing quite as soft as newborn skin or fur. While a photo can’t quite capture that newborn softness, it can at least capture the essence of it. Sit them up against something smooth like sheets or simply zoom in to capture the texture.

33. Up Close Snuggles

puppy photo cavalier sleeping

Source: Janna Sagvold Photography

You said ‘aww’ right when you saw this, didn’t you? The low aperture allowed for a wonderful focus on the puppy here, capturing those sweet snuggles and pretty ears.

34. Get In Tight

puppy photo frenchie closeup black white

Source: Kelly Jo Photography

We always suggest zooming with your feet rather than a lens, so get as close to your pooch as you can to capture their sweet little face. They might have blue eyes as a puppy or extra wrinkles—get in there and shoot those adorable little features that won’t last forever.

35. Showcase Their Uniqueness

puppy photo frenchie ear popped

Source: Pittsburgh Pet Photographer

Some puppies are covered in spots, others have wonky little ears. These features may fade as they grow up, so be sure to capture them now. We love this little frenchie up against a natural landscape that provides a subtle backdrop.

36. Play With Focus

puppy photo lab laying flat

Source: WS Design Photos

Don’t just play with your puppy, play around with your focus. You can really achieve some unique shots by just toying around with where you focus the lens—creating images that are both adorable and professional.

37. Stick Them In Tiny Objects

puppy photo greatdane bowl

Source: Emily Lucarz Photography

There’s no better way to capture your tiny dog than putting them in equally tiny objects. Looking back on pictures of your grown dog in a cute little bowl is going to remind you of those first days.

Every photo you take of your puppy is going to be adorable. But, we hope this list has inspired you to get creative, use light, depth of field, and take advantage of your pup’s sleepy and excitable disposition to take fun and equally gorgeous frame-worthy shots.

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