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39 Best Gifts for Travelers in 2019

We all know someone whose Instagram seems to be overflowing with amazing photos abroad, it seems like every time you turn around they’re somewhere new. Knowing what to get for that traveler in your life can sometimes be tricky — keep their travel style in mind to find a practical gift that they’ll love to use. Do they like to travel light or bring their whole closet? Are they typically visiting cities or wilderness? Whether they’re a business traveler or a globetrotting backpacker, we’ve gathered some great gift ideas that vary in price and style.

1. Vintage Map Journal

traveler gift vintage map journal

Source: Shutterfly

A journal is a thoughtful gift for a traveler — they can record their best experiences as they travel so the memories don’t fade. Their adventurous heart will also love the cool vintage map design on the cover.

2. Day Bag Backpack

traveler gift day bag backpack

Day bags are one of the most versatile gifts that you could give a frequent traveler. Day bags are fantastic for day trips in the wilderness, the city or even as carry-on bags. Look for a bag that is lightweight and pickpocket proof.

3. Crochet Headband

traveler gift crochet headband

Source: Hopeful Honey

Headbands are a great way to tame and hide less-than-fresh hair, which really comes in handy while traveling. Keep their preferred destinations in mind — a colorful cotton headband would be ideal for the tropics while this crocheted headband is better for a colder destination.

4. Fabric Travel Bag

traveler gift fabric travel bag

Source: Momtastic

This large DIY toiletry bag is a great gift for a traveler. The bag is big enough for all the toiletries they’d need but its soft design is ideal for squeezing into a stuffed suitcase.

5. Custom Phone Case

traveler gift custom phone case

Source: Shutterfly

A custom phone case is a great idea for a traveler, practical and fun. Include a photo that reminds them of home, one of their favorite past destinations or a dream destination of theirs. In addition to photos, you can include an inspirational quote or other text they’d like.

6. DIY Toiletry Bag

traveler gift diy toiletry bag

Source: The Crafty Gentleman

Travelers who need to stay organized will love this rollout toiletry bag. The pockets keep everything in sight and easily accessible, due to its limited pocket space this is best for the light traveler.

7. Travel Photo Book

travel book ideas travel

Source: Shutterfly

If you’re a dating someone who loves to travel, consider creating a photo book of all your favorite adventures together. They will love having a hard copy rather than letting the photos just sit in social media accounts or camera rolls.

8. Smart Watch

smart watch traveler gift idea

These advanced watches are sleek, waterproof and boast step counters, heart rate monitors, music players, as well as cellular connectivity. This is also a terrific gift idea for a business traveler because the watch can deliver reminders to keep them on time for flights and meetings.

9. Personalized Pins

traveler gift personalized pins

Source: Shutterfly

Personalized pins are a simple and small gift that can go a long way. Include inspirational or sentimental photos and text that will make them smile. The pins are easy to attach to a bag or jacket and small enough to keep inside their bag if they wish.

10. Cute Toiletry Bag

traveler gift cute toiletry bag

Source: A Little Craft in Your Day

This DIY personalized toiletry bag is an excellent opportunity to create a gift they won’t find anywhere else. Include a message that fits them best, maybe a quote about home, a cute saying or a message in a foreign language.

11. Noise Cancelling Headphones

traveler gift noise cancelling headphones

Noise canceling headphones are a gift that’s useful long after the trip is over. They are very practical for the traveling music lover or anyone who’s a light sleeper. If they prefer to travel light consider getting them compact wireless headphones.

12. DIY Duffle Bag

traveler gift diy duffle bag

Source: Purl Soho

Although it’s not best suited for long trips, this duffle bag is a good choice for travelers who like to take weekend trips. In addition to its cute customizable design, it’s usually smart to bring an extra bag abroad in case you want to bring additional items home.

13. Backpacking Bag

backpack traveler gift

A backpacking bag is an expensive but worthy investment. They can be used in any travel situation from outdoor treks to inner-city adventures. Make sure you have your traveler’s upper body measurements because picking the right size backpack is crucial for comfort and functionality.

14. Crochet Backpack

traveler gift crochet backpack

Source: Hopeful Honey

The style of this crochet backpack is so cute and perfect for a stroll around the city. The tassels and geometric design at the bottom really set it apart from any other bag. If your traveler spends most of their time in the wilderness, try to find a backpack that isn’t as delicate.

15. Travel Neck Pillow

traveler gift travel neck pillow

Source: Treasurie

A comfy neck pillow is a godsend during long trips. A custom neck pillow gives you the opportunity to create a custom tailored neck pillow for maximum comfort. Try to pick a design that matches their luggage or sleeping mask.

16. Packable Hammock

hammock traveler gift

If you are looking for something fun and in the medium gift price range, try a hammock. Small and packable hammocks are ideal for a traveler. They will surely be thanking you as they kick back and enjoy the views of their destination.

17. Glam Fanny Pack

traveler gift glam fanny pack

Source: The Sorry Girls

An upcycled DIY fanny pack is a perfect choice for the globetrotter who travels in style. Turn a cute belt and clutch into a fresh new piece or start from scratch and create a one of a kind fanny pack.

18. Waterproof Video Camera

video camera traveler gift

If the adventurer in your life loves extreme sports or underwater exploration a heavy duty waterproof video camera is an excellent gift idea. They can document their adventures hands-free by attaching the camera to gear or clothing.

19. Custom Luggage Tag

traveler gift custom luggage tag

Source: Shutterfly

Everyone knows someone who has gone through the ordeal of losing luggage. A luggage tag is a small but thoughtful gift for a traveler. Not only are these custom luggage tags cute, but they are practical too — lost luggage is the worst.

20. High-Quality Camera

camera traveler gift

A high-quality camera would be an amazing gift for the right traveler. If they love to blog about their travels or seek out the best photography spots in each destination, investing in a quality camera would be an exceptional gift possibility to explore.

21. Sequin Sleeping Mask

traveler gift sequin sleeping mask

Source: A Beautiful Mess

Sleep is such a precious commodity when traveling. This sleeping mask is a practical and pretty gift that they’ll love. The sparkling sequins and cute breakfast inspired design makes this mask such a fun and unique gift for a traveler.

22. Engraved Bracelet

traveler gift be brave bracelet

Source: Shutterfly

An engraved bracelet is a thoughtful gift for someone embarking on a long journey. We especially love the idea of including a message like “be brave,” “always by your side” or another message of encouragement as a reminder that you’re thinking of them while they are away.

23. Versatile Walking Shoes

A pair of quality walking shoes is crucial during travel. Look for shoes that are comfortable, easy to clean, stylish and versatile. Go for neutral easy to pair colors, but keep in mind that certain materials and colors tend to get dirtier than others.

24. Crochet Wrap

traveler gift crochet wrap

Source: Hopeful Honey

Versatile clothing items are necessary for travel and his DIY gift doubles as a wrap and a scarf. Having something to cover your shoulders is often required to enter historic religious sites and a wrap also an easy way to dress an outfit up for a night out.

25. Custom Photo Jewelry

traveler gift custom photo jewelry

Source: Shutterfly

These charm bracelets are perfect for remembering a great trip. Include photos of landmarks or charms that represent a destination. Make it a tradition and gift them a bracelet for each of their large-scale adventures.

26. Modified Clothing

traveler gift modified clothing

Source: Expert Vagabond

Take a new piece of clothing that they’d love or one of their favorite travel outfits and modify them with secret pockets or other additions to help prevent pickpocketing. This gift may be best for someone that you know well like family or a significant other.

27. Backpacking Tent

tent traveler gift

A lightweight, packable tent is a very practical gift for a backpacker. With so many different sizes and brands, it’s important to know their preferred size and model.

28. Wool Phone Sleeve

traveler gift wool iphone sleeve

Source: Poppy Talk

This DIY wool phone sleeve will help protect their phone from scratches when they throw their phone in their bag. It has a convenient slot for cards and money and can be made with a combination of their favorite colors.

29. Engraved Necklace

traveler gift engraved necklace

Source: Shutterfly

Versatile accessories helps keep outfits fresh and different. The simple and classic design of this engraved necklace means that it will go well with a variety of different outfits — as an added bonus its text is customizable.

30. DIY Fanny Pack

traveler gift diy fanny pack

Source: Jimi Sews

A custom fanny pack is a cute DIY gift idea for a traveler. Pick a unique pattern or their favorite colors to make them a fun and personalized travel accessory. For a sweet surprise, try adding their favorite candy or a gift card inside the pack.

31. Collage Frame

traveler gift collage frame

Source: Shutterfly

If they love to take photos while they travel, a collage frame is a unique choice. They can feature all of their favorite prints in this multi-sectional frame, instead of only picking one or two of their favorite shots.

32. Travel Toothbrush Holder

traveler gift travel toothbrush holder

Source: Swoodson Says

This DIY toothbrush holder is a genius idea for storing a wet toothbrush and keeping it clean. The towel design wicks moisture and is easy to clean in the washing machine. The large design is ideal for a family and can be made smaller for a single traveler.

33. Compact Sleeping Bag

 traveler gift sleeping bag

A compact sleeping bag is very useful for those that love to explore the great outdoors. They come in a variety of different temperature ranges and weights so keep their travel preferences in mind when looking for the right bag.

34. Custom Water Bottle

traveler gift custom water bottle

Source: Shutterfly

Between all of the walking and dry airplane cabins, it’s extremely important to stay hydrated. These custom water bottles will fit well in bags and allow you to include a personal message.

35. Packing Cubes

traveler gift packing cubes

Source: Melly Sews

You can never be too organized when packing for a big trip. Your traveler will love these packing cubes, they help keep their luggage in order and make getting ready more efficient by keeping alike items grouped together.

36. Canvas Pouch

traveler gift canvas pouch

Source: Shutterfly

This personalizable pouch is an ideal size for toiletries and other items they’d need to pack. It’s always a good idea to have extra compact storage in case they need somewhere to store trinkets like jewelry and small souvenirs.

37. DIY Sleep Mask

traveler gift diy sleep mask

Source: Dear Handmade Life

Help your friend beat jet lag when traveling through time zones with a DIY sleeping mask. This would be especially useful if they travel to destinations with seasonal differences in daylight, such as Scandinavia. We love this blue and green tiger design.

38. Cute Tote Bag

traveler gift cute tote bag

Source: Purl Soho

These DIY cloth tote bags are ideal for travelers who stay a while in one place. They are well-suited for clothes and souvenir shopping, groceries and going to the beach. Another useful feature is that they are flexible and roll up small and fit well in luggage.

39. Sleek Suitcase

suitcase traveler gift

If your traveler’s luggage has seen better days, a new suitcase could be a much-needed upgrade. Make sure to figure out if they prefer to travel light with a carry-on or if they like packing a lot during their trips.

One of the best ways to pick a great gift for a traveler is by listening to the problems or issues that they’ve experienced while traveling. If they complained about lost luggage, get them a luggage tag or new bags. If they have trouble sleeping on flights then noise-canceling headphones, a cozy blanket or an eye mask would be much appreciated. And of course, travel vouchers and airfare gift cards are always a great idea because you can bet they’re already planning their next trip!

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