8 Ağustos 2022

When working on Forex it is important not only to choose the right trading method but also the time of its application. The fact that the currency market works around the clock. But the volatility on it depends heavily on what kind of real exchange site is currently operating.

The peak of volatility falls on the time of London and New York, and the quietest period is observed when trading platforms of Tokyo, Singapore. And Hong Kong are opened. In this regard, traders who prefer to work in a quiet market, you need to know the time of the Asian Forex session and use it for opening and closing deals.

Work at night, when Asia trades, has a number of specific points worth exploring. As each of them can have a strong impact on the final outcome of the trade. Therefore, we will briefly review the characteristics of the Asian session. See when it starts and closes, and what should be expected to the trader during its course in the Forex currency market.

For the convenience of traders, we will quote a tablet from which you can see the beginning of the Asian forex session. As well as the work time of other exchange centers. The table shows the Moscow time, so nothing to paddle or take into account time zones is not necessary.

Many mistakenly believe that Asia starts at 12 o’clock in the European time. As you can see, this is not the case, since the Pacific session begins in this period, while the Tokyo Stock Exchange opens its doors only at 3 am European time.

Trade in this period will bring profit to those who like to work in conditions of low volatility in the presence of a narrow price channel. That is, you can effectively use trading strategies to rebound from the borders of the flat. Determined by any convenient graphical or indicator method. The movement of the same EUR / USD in the night period looks something like this.


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