2 October 2022

We can’t keep our hands off our beards and neither can anyone else. Does this have to be a problem? No. But can it be? Yes. Our beards run into many bad habits if we’re not careful. A few beard mistakes can end up hurting your facial hair in the long run. That’s why it is important to know the top mistakes that are harming our beards in one way or another. The last thing we want is a beard reset.

Not Cleaning Your Beard

Our face goes up against a lot during a regular day. We have to deal with a number of different elements outside depending on where we live. Sometimes we might get hit by the roaring winter winds or sweltering heat in the deep sun.

Then there’s some crumbs and food we had for the breakfast paired with some brews and liquor that cascades down our face. The beard takes the brunt of a lot of this food and drink action if we’re not careful. Ensuring that you keep an eye on your beard everyday and clean it is important so that you don’t have to go through the day with a sticky, smelly and unclean beard.  

Using Damaging Chemicals & Soaps

Never use an ordinary shampoo on your beard. If you can help it, try to avoid using it on your head as well. Normal shampoos and conditioners have a wide range of detergents than beard products that are created organically and naturally.

Many of these shampoos lack essential oils or have so many negative additives that the benefits from these essential oils are lost. Continued use of these shampoos and soaps can lead to your beard drying out quicker and then forming flakey skin. This will eventually make your beard a lot more uncomfortable and brittle.

Improper Drying

It’s not something a lot of guys think about, but drying your beard properly is really important.

Dry your beard out by patting it down and not letting it get all frizzy.. After the beach it’s best to use a beard cream or other product to moisturize it and regain some of the oils that were stripped away. Any excess water left over after a shower should be dried quickly, as air drying can leave your beard a lot drier and stripped of its natural oils.

Unhealthy Eating

Your beard is what you eat. Promoting healthy beard growth can be as easy as laying off the junk food, fast food and instead shifting your eating focus towards fresh foods. A healthy and balanced diet has nutrients that will ensure that you hair grows faster, stronger and thicker.

A lack of folic acid, biotin deficiency and general lack of health aren’t doing any favors to your hair both on your head and face. There’s loads of foods you can start eating today to start balancing yourself out to get that face roaring again.

Rough Handling & Picking Your Beard

This is a problem that starts small but can balloon into a real problem. Stroking your chin hairs every once in awhile is okay until it starts to become excessive. The main issue comes from picking and tugging at certain areas of your beard. Eventually this tugging will turn your beard patchy and strip your beard of its natural oils..

Over-stroking can have some other negative effects as well. It order to keep your beard smooth and healthy it’s important to keep up your beard oil and wax. It can feel good to run your hands through your beard after applying

Overwashing Your Beard

Ask any long haired man and they’ll tell you that the key to those luxuriant locks are the rest of proper hair care and laying off the shampoo.

One of the mistakes a lot of us with beards make is washing too much.For most guys with a simple outgrown crew cut it’s just business as usual. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes everyday. We don’t want to walk around with a dirty beard either, but an overwashed one can be just as bad.  This leads to a dry beard.

There’s a few quick tips to stop this.

  • Wash every other two days.
  • Remove any dirt before it piles up.
  • Continue your routine.
  • Avoid hitting your beard in the shower
  • Wrong Grooming Habits

Never Trimming Stray Hairs

We’ve all forsaken the razor and trimmers to a point. But we have to remember those younger days when the soft ends of our hair just began to burst through from our faces. Beard hair is usually the healthiest in its earliest stages and that goes for all types of hair. It’s subjected to father time and the elements all around us.

Trimming the ends of your beard or cutting stringy and brittle hairs is a great way to do some house cleaning and maintain a healthy growth pattern. Those split ends are begging to be tamed and cut so that stronger hair can grow.

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