8 Ağustos 2022

Over time, the popularity of Forex grows exponentially.

This is easy to explain since everyone can work as a trader and even without leaving home, can earn a lot more per month than average people get. But simple access to forex trading is compensated by high risks of this event because a trader will have to confront large and very experienced market makers in their own field.

Yes, foreign exchange markets now operate around the clock, but in fact, three-quarters of trading volumes are controlled by a dozen companies. Among these sharks, there is nothing to do for those who do not have all the necessary knowledge and practical skills, so it is extremely important for traders to know who and how controls the movement of key currencies.

Eighty percent of Forex trades are made only with 7 currencies, which are called “basic”, and the Canadian dollar, or more precisely the USD / CAD currency pair, is among them, ranking sixth in popularity. However, many find great opportunities for themselves, working for CAD / JPY and EUR / CAD, because the dynamics of the Canadian dollar rate on Forex is very useful from the point of view of the currency speculator.

So, as already mentioned above, Canada is the tenth largest economy. Over the past two decades, the state has demonstrated a steady growth in development rates, which had only 2 short historical recession periods.
For a long time, a significant inflation rate was recorded in Canada, but the improvement in the balance sheet and fiscal policy led to a drop in inflation, contributing to a drop in the rates of price growth and budget deficits. Then the dynamics of the Canadian dollar on Forex showed a strong weakening, which allowed many traders to make very good money.

In general, the dynamics of the Canadian dollar rate on Forex will please every trader with an abundance of opportunities for earnings, and a strong economy with transparent levers of management provides the key to understanding possible changes, which significantly reduces the unsuccessful forecasting of the further movement of the pair USD / CAD and other financial instruments containing CAD.


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