6 October 2022

I have designed a bathroom for a client which includes dark furniture and dark grey wall tiles against a light wood-effect floor and white painted walls. As the tiles were going up in the shower area, my client phoned me in a panic to say she was unsure about the grey, fearing it was too dark for the windowless room. I raced over to check and, upon inspection, ensured her that once all the lighting was in the room and walls painted white, the room would come into it’s own and the tiles would look great. With a huge sigh of relief (particularly from the builder), tiling continued.

My husband and I went for a light-hued ensuite, mind you with three large windows, in some respect we had no choice. The darker floor and shower wall helped to add contrast and depth to the room. We rushed a bit choosing the wall tiles as, having already spent four hours in the showroom, my husband was getting agitated (I really don’t blame him), so we chose quickly. My husband now says he would have liked a darker, moodier ensuite (good grief), but I do understand what he means. We both love how dark bathrooms make you feel, enveloping you in their warmth. Don’t get me wrong, we love our ensuite but it’s easy to see other styles that you like and it makes you stop and wonder…

The most important element when creating a darker bathroom is the lighting. I don’t like ceiling lights as the light is not flattering but, if placed in an area where you don’t normally stand (a dark corner for instance), they can add welcome light. Use rotating ceiling lights and place them close to the edge of the ceiling, this way the light can be directed to the perpendicular wall and add not only a softer light but create a light feature. Maybe move it away from the edge and have it shine on a picture on the wall.

My client sent me photos of her nearly finished ensuite, which looks great and, believe it or not, has gone and painted all the walls dark grey! I’m impressed.


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