2 October 2022

At this time of year we can all have a lot of fun decorating our homes to welcome guests, family and many other visitors to enjoy the festive season together. Many people ignore the bathroom at Christmas time but there’s no reason not to add a little sparkle and warmth to all of the rooms in your home. You won’t need to do much to make your bathroom look welcoming and pretty, simply follow this DIY to make your own handmade natural winter display.

Christmas centerpiece with candles, pine cones, branch and silver decor

What You’ll Need

A selection of pinecones

Antlers or branches

A selection of festive ribbons

Tea lights

Tall pillar candles

Small bauble decorations


Step 1

Lay down your base. Choose a shelf, storage unit or basket to place your display onto. Start with the larger items like the antlers or branches, lay them down onto your chosen surface. Fill in any gaps with a scatter of pinecones. A range of sizes will add interest and depth to your scene.

Step 2

Once you are happy with the base of your display you can begin weaving in your ribbons. Choose a selection of styles and widths and make sure to only use fabric ribbons. A sparkly or shimmery ribbon will add light and a festive touch, if you select ribbons with a wired edge they will be a lot easier to manipulate. Weave the ribbons in and around the branches and pinecones.

Step 3

Now’s the time to bring in any small Christmas baubles or other pretty ornaments, a range of sizes and an odd number of decorations will look best. The colours are completely up to you but it’s a good idea to select something that complements the all over style of the room. If you have a natural bathroom go for neutral or nature themed decorations. If you have a traditional room the classic red, green or tartan look will work beautifully.

Step 4

Now add your tea-lights around the front of the display and the taller candles towards the back.  You could even use festive scented candles to add even more Christmas cheer to your bathroom. Make sure to never leave lit candles un-attended and omit the candles if you have small children.

Now you’re all done! We hope you found this DIY post useful and don’t forget that if you’d like to update your bathroom this Christmas pop into one of our showrooms to chat to a design expert.

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