6 October 2022

For a lot of new guys growing a beard, this question will inevitably come up a lot. Does cutting your beard help it grow? There’s a couple of answers to this question. The act of actually shaving or cutting your beard does not make the hairs thicker or stronger.

Now, the act of trimming and grooming your beard will help your beard grow in a more indirect way.

Let’s dig into what this means.

Does trimming a beard make it grow faster?

First let’s qualify what we mean by trimming and cutting here. We’re not talking about cutting off a few inches at this point, just a very small amount. Our trusty tool is going to be a pair of quality grooming beard scissors. You’ll want to use these to cut away the split ends during your beard growing phases.

Beard split ends are usually dry, look wiry and are sticking out from the rest of the beard. Not only are they not helping your style, they’re also not helping your growth. Cutting and getting rid of these stray hairs are going to stimulate your beard by allowing your hairs to grow healthier and unimpeded.

For most men, the mustache grows the fastest. You’ll find a lot of stray and split ends coming from the stache. Use your scissors to keep this place tamed and looking good.

Cutting your beard and pairing it with a high quality beard oil will help to eliminate this unfortunate inevitably while growing. Having too much of damaged hair will slow down your beard growth and make your beard look thin and scraggly.  

As your beard continues to grow, you’ll find that certain areas on your face outgrow others. Utilizing your scissors and trimmer will help eliminate flyaway hairs and even out asymmetrical parts of your beard.   

Don’t be afraid to get in the trenches and trim a little bit here and there. Trimming your beard promotes healthier grow and can even speed things up a bit.

Will shaving everyday help grow my beard?

No. Shaving your beard will not help it grow. Here’s some extra science of beards for you to think about.

There are four phases of hair growth: anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen. The first phase has a growing period of about three to five years. Following that the catagen phase is a quick blip at around one to two weeks in which the hair starts degrading before it enters the resting Telogen phase.

During the telogen phase, the hair begins to rest and the hair stops growing. At this point it sits there for about 3 months and hair thinning begins.

Either the hair continues back to growth after this or it sheds itself off during the last exogen phase.

On average, people shed somewhere from fifty to one hundred hairs a day as hairs can be in different stages at a time.

The confusion of the idea that “shaving your beard makes it grow faster,” can be found from the fact that your hair is in a sense reverting back to its anagen (growing) phase when it’s reset. Also the blunted edges make hair look a lot thicker and fuller sometimes as well.

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