26 September 2022
Dog Wall Art Ideas to Celebrate Your Best Friend

As a dog lover, you are a special kind of person who can’t imagine life without your four-legged friend. When you love your dogs and consider them a part of the family, you want to share that joy. Whether you take them everywhere you go or throw a big dog party on their birthday, your dog is a star. Celebrate your pampered pooch by adding some dog wall art to your home’s decor. It is a great way to let that doggy star shine.

1. Precious Portrait

dog wall art framed photo collage

Source: Shutterfly

Choose just one or several photos of your favorite dog or dogs to create a nice display. These photo placards are a great way to showcase your beloved pet.

2. State Your Name

dog wall art dog outline coaster

Source: Design Sponge

Whether you incorporate the names of your dogs or even some great dog quotes, using your dog’s silhouette as art is fun. Any type of small or large dog art will benefit from a sharp silhouette or shadow.

3. Peppy Prints

dog wall art framed paw prints

Source: Southern Wag

Pawprints from your beloved pet never go out of style. Here we have yet another unique and lively way to showcase the individuality of your dog or for many of us, dogs — plural.

4. Pieces to the Puzzle

dog wall art dog faced puzzle

Source: Shutterfly

Just as they become pieces of your heart, your dog and their likeness can now form parts of a puzzle. Transform a favorite photograph into a fun and relaxing pastime for the entire family. Be sure to frame and hang it when you’re done.

5. Colorful Collection

dog wall art photo wall

Source: Lindsay Ballard

An art collection doesn’t have to be expensive to be fabulous. These paint-by-number dog portraits arranged as a gallery embrace the spirit and variety of the dog world. When done in the abstract, this style can make for some original and fun dog wall art.

6. It’s Not All Black & White

dog wall art black and white photos

Source: Sunny Day Family

Creating a unique collection or gallery of dog artwork doesn’t mean that it has to all be the same. Here we see stunning black and white photographs paired with a whimsical sign that honors the love between a dog and its family.

7. Power of the Paw

dog wall art wood paw print

Source: Baby Rabies

Make an impact with a simple, yet powerful pawprint painted on wood. This inexpensive statement piece is a great way to showcase your DIY skills while celebrating your love of everything canine.

8. Daily Dose of Dog

dog wall art dog photo calendar

Source: Shutterfly

What can be better than looking at your best friend every day, even when you’re not at home? Create a unique calendar that showcases your favorite pup all year long.

9. Making a Mark

dog wall art ink paw print

Source: Decor by the Seashore

Let your pups make their mark — in a good way. Have some fun paw-printing your dogs and creating unique works of art that grab attention. These prints make lovely companions to the photos in your dog album.

10. A Cut Above the Rest

dog wall art wooden cut out

Source: Painted Therapy

This unique piece of dog wall decor combines several styles to create a beautiful tribute to the dog in your life. The cut-out silhouette can be customized to showcase any and all types of dogs.

11. Hang It Up

dog wall art hanging photo

Source: Shutterfly

It is easy to turn your dog’s photograph into a one-of-a-kind dog wall hanging. There are various ways to hang and display these unique puppy posters.

12. The Shape of Things

dog wall art painted wood print

Source: The Hamby Home

Just as the previous collection introduced the use of two colors in the display, this gallery embraces incorporating different shapes. The long rectangular sign ties the pieces together even though they differ significantly in shape and framing.

13. Contrast and Texture

dog wall art dog painting

Source: Samantha Barnes

Large, striking dog art in the form of a painted portrait is a win-win every time, even if you create that artwork yourself. This particular piece highlights the texture of the dog making you want to reach out and touch it.

14. Basic and Bold

dog wall art cold nose warm heart

Source: Redstart Construction

Combining fun quotes and sayings with basic black and white block lettering can create some funny dog wall art. The contrast of the stark white rooms with the simplistic sign make an eye-catching scene.

15. More is Better

dog wall art framed dog portrait

Source: Virginia Postic

If one is good, two must surely be better? This room proves that point by seamlessly combining two styles of large dog art to form a lovely setting.

There is no limit to the ways in which you can share the adoration you feel for your dog. Find creative ways to showcase their beauty and spirit with unique dog art and gifts — for you and others. Most of us have people in our lives that love our pups in the same way we do. Spread that joy and share that puppy love.

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