4 Temmuz 2022
For fellow Gold mongers (update)



Expected rate hike helped hit long-term target of 1258, those still holding gold tread carefully. 1234 is a very significant zone and also a certain probability [especially] if/when dollar index touches 98 in the mid/short-term. 10 year yields are likely to increase for the next several days. COT report was not released last week but I suspect non-commercials have started dumping Gold, as of last Tuesday – why COMEX failed to release COT report last week? As it would have been extremely helpful in predicting the current [mid-term(?)] reversal in POG. Those who also actually managed to short at 1258 can sleep sound for a few days)), while shorts at 1250 and above are also technically ideal mid-term positions. [Seeing as this is a significant period (post-rate hike/monetary policy statement) and the lack of COT report from last week, although HIGHLY unlikely, non-commercials may actually still be increasing long positions; (Edit: in said unlikely scenario 1250 might shortly be revisited and shattered)]


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