28 September 2022
For fellow POG bulls



It’s taken quite a while but bullish movement in POG has evolved as expected with trade war truce being the last straw that broke the ‘bear’s’ back lol. Secondly dollar index has bounced off 97.65 at 61.8 fib retracement followed by a break downwards in US ten year bond yields of a MAJOR three year wedge + ascending channel. Finally, not necessarily essential but I do expect non-commercials to show a net increase in long positions in today’s COT release – a moderate increase would be preferred to support long term bullish movement in POG while significant increase may only support short term price action.

Those holding onto Gold from that last spring, it seems patience really pays. Also I believe Trump just might be trading with us)) – I’m starting to get the feeling that technicals can forecast economic climate (good/bad).


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