8 Ağustos 2022

The use of hypnotic influence has already become firmly established in such spheres of activity as training in some complex specialties.

Can neurolinguistic programming be used to improve the results of trading?

Forex Trading with Hypnosis

As it is not surprising you can, however, you yourself should know what exactly you need to inspire and what points in your work should be directed influence.

It is not for nothing that the modern direction of hypnosis is called neurolinguistic programming, and for the compilation of any program a clearly stated task is required.

That is, you can independently compile a list of what you would like to receive as a result of hypnotic influence.

For example, one of my acquaintances is so addicted to trade, and so in a hurry to open a deal that he always.

Though not once was already punished for such carelessness, he still remembers about stop loss only when the stop is triggered.

To begin with, you should analyze the reasons for your failures, and then after setting tasks, and only so, no one will make you a hypnotist professional trader, will not teach you to feel the market.

Moreover, the cost of such things is simply off scale a disk with a recording of a hypnosis session 1000-1500 dollars, a personal reception of 20 000 – 25 000 dollars, and as there are no guarantees.

By means of neurolinguistic programming, you can only correct some disadvantages in conducting trading.

For example, inspire confidence in one’s own strength, help stop being nervous at critical moments, and as a result make mistakes, and of course do not forget to put a stop loss .

That is, hypnosis does not help you find the perfect trading strategy, but it can help to solve the psychological problems that lead to losses.

After all, it is a psychology that is the basis of the component of successful trading, but you still have to develop the technology and feel the market yourself.


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