8 Ağustos 2022

How to Become a Professional in Forex?

Mastering any profession requires a lot of time and effort, and the more difficult the profession, the more time it takes to study it.

Not an exception is the profession of the trader, which most people dream of having learned about the exchange trade.

Unfortunately, at present, there are few full-fledged courses that will not only squeeze money from you, but they will teach you something, so you have to get to everything yourself.

The main thing is to have a clear plan and know where to start.

Most of the newcomers go through a rather thorny path of becoming, as a result, losing a lot of time for futile attempts, that it would be enough to avoid the following scheme:

1. We begin to study the trading terminal, before this, we register with any of the brokers and download the terminal itself, it’s best to stop at MetaTrader 4.

In the process, we try to open deals on demo accounts, place pending orders, set stop loss and take profit.

2. At the second stage we get acquainted with existing strategies there are a huge number of trading options, but I would single out three main areas scalping, trading on news and working with price channels.

In the process of learning, we try to apply the strategies in practice, doing this in turn, fixing the results. Noting the number of orders and how many of them were profitable and unprofitable.

After a while, you will choose the most effective strategy or, more accurately, the direction of the trade.

3. We bring the strategy to perfection that is, we trade on the cent account for the chosen option, trying to correct mistakes and raise efficiency. For example, we chose scalping we reduce the risk of a deposit sink, we are looking for new options for entry, we try not to trade in dangerous moment



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