26 September 2022
wedding reception venue

Are you looking for a wedding reception venue in the North East? Just your luck because there are hundreds of wedding reception venues across the region! However, choosing your perfect venue can be no easy task! Whether you’re looking for something unusual, intimate, classic or cost-effective to fit your budget there are a plethora of options in and around the surrounding area of Newcastle to choose from. When making your big day visions come to life your wedding venue can be make or break, and as the starting point for most couples wedding day planning it’s good to start off on the right foot and get it right from the outset. Here at Newton Hall, we understand the importance of finding a wedding venue that reflects you and your partner and fits your requirements for your special day too. With so much choice out there we have put together our top tips and advice for choosing the perfect wedding reception venue…

wedding reception venue

#1 Do your research

You may already have your dream wedding venue in the bag, however, many of us are not so lucky. So when beginning your wedding reception venue search the best place to start is narrowing down your search! Before you dive right into viewing venues it’s a good idea to hit up Google and start searching the web for venues near to you! If you are looking for wedding venues in Northumberland there are hundreds of options so do your research and start narrowing down a top 5 list of those you would like to view. Talking to a wedding planning could help you with this as they will be well versed in finding venues within your local area. Wedding blogs and forums can also be a great tool to utilise to see how other couples have used a space as their wedding reception venue and give you inspiration.

#2 Consider Your Theme

When finding your perfect wedding reception venue there are so many options that reflect a variety of different moods and themes, from rustic barns to elegant ballrooms, country estates or a beach resort! Therefore, when picking your perfect venue it is important to consider how this will work with your theme and if the location will help enhance this aesthetic. Whether you want a laid-back vibe or upmarket, glamorous affair let your vision lead the way when picking your venue.

#3 Capacity Of The Wedding Reception Venue

When picking your wedding reception venue it is essential to know how your guest list and how many guests you will require your venue to hold! Couples often underestimate how many people they are going to invite when starting off their venue search so it is important you have the conversation early on and be realistic about how much the guest list could mount up. Depending on whether you have decided to have a larger capacity wedding or a more intimate affair will have huge standing on the type of venue you choose. You don’t want to choose a venue that feels overcrowded and uncomfortably overfilled with guests stood like sardines! Equally, you don’t want to be lacking people to fill a huge space. Therefore, the guest list is crucial so once you have narrowed down how many of your nearest and dearest you would like to join you on your big day have this number on hand when viewing venues.

Call ahead or research the venue you’re interested in and see how many people the venue holds to know if thespace will work and keep this in mind when viewing them and envisioning your seating plan and so forth.

#4 Location, Location, Location

Location is crucial when selecting your wedding venue. You may have always dreamed of having a destination wedding in another country, however, when committing to a venue a plane ride away there are a lots of things you have to compensate on. Therefore, choosing the site of your wedding locally can be highly beneficial.

Whatever your dream, consider these questions when selecting your wedding venue…

  • Where will your guests be coming from?

  • Does your location have accommodation?

  • If not, are there hotels or guesthouses nearby?

  • Will you have elderly or disabled guests that require special access?

  • How far is your venue from transport links or will your guests need to travel by car?

These are all important considerations as your guests comfort and ease is conducive to your day running smoothly.

#5 Cost

Know your budget and stick with it! This may seem obvious but choosing a wedding reception venue within your budget can be tricky as we can often get blown away by stunning locations. Know your total budget and how much of that you want to spend on your venue, seeing what actually fits your budget can be a quick way to cut down your venue list. When thinking about venue costs consider seasonal costs as prices for your venue can fluctuate depending on the time of year of your wedding and you may want to negotiate on this to have your perfect venue. Also, be sure to be straight with your venue and clarify any potentially hidden costs with them before booking, such as surcharges for using outside caterers!

Just remember this is a huge decision and it must be one that you have considered appropriately and do not jump in too! Don’t be afraid to go back to your venue a couple times to ensure you have made the best decision for you and your wedding day.

wedding reception venue

Are you still struggling to choose? Don’t forget about us here at Newton Hall – as an exception, one-of-a-kind venue set within the stunning landscapes of Northumberland country we are hard to look past if you are looking for a unique and show-stopping location for your wedding day. Just take a look at our venue photo gallery if you need any more convincing! If you’re sold we would love to hear from you so we can get planning your day of romance, simply call us on 01665 576239 or email [email protected].

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