2 October 2022
winter wedding

Spring/ summer weddings are un-surprisingly more popular than a winter wedding, with the easy option to make the most of your outdoor wedding space  – but what’s to say an outdoor winter wedding can’t be just as good?! That being said, an outdoor winter wedding should be planned to perfection as you never know how your wedding day could pan out. It’s important to make your guests feels as comfortable as possible, especially if the majority of the day will be outside. Here at Newton Hall we have compiled a list of outdoor winter wedding top tips to help you through the planning process of the big day.

Think Cosy

As it will inevitably be chilly outside (to say the least), you should think about taking advantage of a cosy atmosphere.

  • Warm blankets

It is a must that you provide your guests with some type of warm blanket or throw just incase they are a bit too cold throughout the service. We recommend getting blankets that fit in with your colour scheme so that they don’t look too out of place.

  • Heaters

Check if your venue has any portable heaters or log fire facilities before the big day. Chances are they will have something to provide you with, but it’s always good to double check as you don’t want the big day to come and to be left with nothing!

Warn your guests

There’s probably nothing worse than showing up to a winter wedding to discover that it is being held outdoors! Obviously you would have already told your guests the location of your wedding, but there’s no harm in giving them a few outfit suggestions for the day ahead. Provide an idea of what footwear people should wear – if it’s going to be muddy maybe even tell them to bring a pair of wellies! As Long as your guests know about the outdoor wedding space, the likelihood is they should already be, fairly, prepared for the wedding day.

Winter details

There are so many little details and extra special aspects you can tailor for your outdoor wedding space.  For some inspirations, why not consider these winter wedding details in your wedding favours, food and also drinks.

  • Embrace warm drinks

Give your guests the option of having a cosy hot chocolate on arrival to warm them up before the ceremony. Alternatively, if your having a festive winter wedding then of course serve mulled wine! You’ll warm your guests straight up, while also allowing them to enjoy a beverage or two!

  • Winter wedding favors

As you will be hosting the ultimate winter wedding, then why not incorporate this into your wedding favours. Provide your guests with a personalised mug, warm socks or even a christmas themed ornament (if your wedding is in December).

Outdoor wedding space

If you ‘re looking for an outdoor wedding space in Northumberland, then take a look at our website. We have a variety of wedding spaces to suit your individual needs.

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