6 October 2022

Once you’ve grown out your beard to a certain length, it’s time to start styling it. Each one of our beards are unique. Your beard may curl up and about in certain places, grow weaker in the cheeks or have some other strange quirk to it. But there are things you can do to get your beard styled the exact way you want it.

Through a mixture of using the right tools, products and choosing a unique style – you too can learn how to style your beard like a Greek God.

Tools for styling your beard

Before you can even jump into a style, you need to first make sure your beard is well-groomed and clean. It’s best to start with a blank canvas. A lot like Beard Ross here, we want you to craft, sculpt and bring that masterpiece into existence with ease.

You’re going to switch it up a bit when it comes to your usual beard care routine, it’s time to bring out the big boy tools.

When it comes to beard products, you’ll want to have the following on hand:

  • Beard oil
  • Beard styling balm
  • Beard styling wax
  • Brush, Comb, Mustache Comb
  • Electronic Trimmer
  • Scissors  
  • Mirror

You’ll be using your beard oils, balms and wax a bit differently than usual when it comes to styling your beard. Rather than putting them on beforehand, you’ll want to do it after the fact to solidify and hold your new style.

First steps for styling your beard

Comb out all of your beard so that you can get a full picture of the consistency of the length of your facial hair. Go easy on your hair if you have a curly beard.

The goal is to set your beard up for a number of new and different styles. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our top beard styles.

Scissors and trimmers are going to be your main trusty companions at this point. Be aware when using the trimmer, you don’t want to have a beard ending catastrophe on your hands. 

Either use a bathroom mirror or a mobile hand-mirror.  

Different Beard Style Categories

There are four unique style types we’re going to explore and teach you how to style. Full beards – The full beard is the most popular kind of beard style. It also allows you to have the widest range of styles. Although, with more length, comes great responsibility beardman.

  • Mustache combos – For our more hip minded beard aficionados, a unique mustache style incorporates different connections with other parts of your facial hair and also requires some heavy styling products. These combinations are timeless and retro all in one.  
  • Shaped & Cut beards – Beard styles that need to be cut and shaped, require a bit more upkeep. But the results are amazing when you are able to continually pull off these complex and rewarding beard styles.
  • Goatees – A goatee has a wide range of various styles. It’s great for a guy who can’t grow too thick of a beard, or someone who needs to rock a business casual look. Whether it’s on the job site or in the office, the goatee is to go-to style.

How style a full beard & shaped beards

Full beards need to be oiled at least a few times a day. Beard cream also does wonders for any beard bedhead you might encounter in the morning. Most full beard styles focus on either doing something with the bottom of the length.

Sometimes that might include rounding the bottom, braiding your beard, or training your beard to grow downwards in a certain direction.

Here are a few styling tips for pulling off these different full beard variations:

  • Train the beard with your comb to grow in the direction you want. Utilize balm to keep stray hairs from going in all different directions.
  • Training your beard is going to take at least a few weeks to a few months, depending on your hair type and frequency of grooming.
  • Cut away wiry hairs and get rid of split beard ends if you have inclinations to grow your beard down to the great beyond.  

How to shape different goatee styles

A goatee is a member of the circle beard family. This means that there is absolutely no hair on your cheeks and seldom any hair below your chin or neck. But some variations of the goatee call for a limited amount of facial hair on the neck. The goal in developing a goatee is mastering the circle style. Some guys will opt for a thin mustache that connects to the beard. Others will want to grow the goatee a couple of inches off the face for a more exaggerated style.  

  • Use your electronic trimmer or scissors to slice up anything that’s not around your chin or mustache. You can go sans mustache if you want a classic goatee.
  • Continually shave the rest of the facial hair around your goatee style.
  • Even out your goatee on both sides by lining it up around the lower lips.

How to style unique mustache styles

Mustaches are the fastest growing part of your facial forest. You’ll want to utilize your electric clippers to get your your desired length. Either go for trimming it down to one uniform length, or go ahead and switch it up with a couple of different styles.

  • A general rule of thumb, is to start growing out your mustache once it’s been cut around half an inch around your mouth.
  • For certain styles, you can go ahead and grow your mustache over your upper lip.

For the more wilder unique styles, grow your mustache into a horseshoe and then connect that with either your sideburns or other parts of your beard.  

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