Illusions on forex

Illusions on forex

Every novice trader coming to the exchange has a lot of illusions that after turn into disappointment, because of which most beginners leave the market, having a feeling of resentment and empty pockets.
Whatever happens, it is desirable to know in advance what should not be hoped for by entering forex trading, this knowledge will help to build the curriculum correctly and not waste time for unnecessary experiments. In addition, some of the newcomers, after reading this article at all change their minds to become traders.

And there are so many misconceptions that their listing will take a whole page than we do, and now we will do it.

1. For the game on the stock exchange, the amount of the initial capital is important yes, the size of the initial capital for forex, but not for the novice trader. It does not matter how much you open your first deals, with a probability of 99% you will merge 10 and 1000 dollars. Therefore, it is better to start with a minimum, and after analyzing the cause of the error, start trading a large volume.

2. I’m clever and cunning, I do not need to learn, tell me which button to press this is what most young people who have expressed interest in forex think they are after replenishing the army of spammers who complain and abuse the forex in all forums. Studying is a prerequisite on the path to profit, trading on intuition succeeds one in a thousand.

3. Passed the course of training became a trader unfortunately even the years of study do not guarantee you that you will become a professional. Much depends on the mindset and character, as well as on the chosen trading style.

4. Bonuses to the account a rather tempting offer, but in the first, they can be withdrawn only after you win back the definitions of volume. Also, when trading with their use, there are a lot of additional conditions, so always carefully read the information on the broker’s website.

5. I have a financial or economic education, so I will definitely become a professional trader a fairly common illusion, but the presence of education has virtually no role in forex trading. Often successful traders are former sportsmen, waiters or employees of other specialties, absolutely not related to financial activities.


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