4 Temmuz 2022

Luck in trading on Forex

Virtually any of the forex traders hope in their work for luck, but everyone uses technical analysis and follows the news, but all in the trading on the stock exchange there is always a share of randomness.
Especially important is the luck factor when concluding risky transactions, when the trader goes all-in, using a large leverage and expecting to receive immediately and much or lose everything. In such cases, trade takes place with a leverage of 1: 500 or more, so the whole calculation for the constant movement of the exchange rate.

But everyone is lucky in different ways, someone opened the deal and after several hours increased his deposit several times, and someone has to wait years. This statement is confirmed by concrete examples from life, which I will give below.

In the late nineties, one of the rather risky traders trading on the USD / JPY currency pair decided to open a deal to buy. In this case, not having a large amount of money, but only a great desire to make money, he went to a certain risk. Using the leverage of 1: 200, he increased the funds for trading from 20,000 to 4,000,000 dollars and made a purchase of USD / JPY with a volume of 40 lots.

By the evening of the same day, the exchange rate soared that the profit was $ 118,000, the pair stubbornly continued to grow because of the drop in the price of the Japanese Yen.

After that, the first transaction was closed.
But even this amount of earnings did not stop the trader, he increased several times the volume of the warrant and again made a purchase.

After that, he left the warrant for the night and safely went to bed, usually such experiments end with a deposit sink, but the next morning on the balance sheet of the lucky beggar was already more than half a million dollars. That is, the net profit was about 2500%.


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