2 October 2022

During renovations to our house, my son was very excited that he was getting an upgrade and moving to his sister’s larger bedroom. He wasn’t so happy when he realised his new room was going to be substantially smaller due to the new corridor that was going to run through it. I tried to placate him by saying he could have his room painted in any colour he wanted; I wasn’t expecting him to say he wanted the entire room painted in black!   ‘

‘’Darling you can’t have every wall and ceiling painted in black!”

“But you said…”

“I know what I said but a bedroom painted entirely in black is ridiculous…and depressing…and worrying. How about you choose whatever wallpaper you’d like on ONE wall?”

“Okaaay” he said. That seemed to work.

I was exceptionally relieved when he showed me his newly chosen wallpaper: a dark blue/green background overlaid with ferns, creating a forest look/feel. I loved it in fact. Everyone seemed to love it.

I have noticed this fern/palm print becoming more popular in design, including in bathrooms; what a perfect place to incorporate this look. You don’t need to use special wallpaper in a bathroom (although I would never suggest it in the shower!)  You can either make sure the wallpaper is a solid vinyl wall covering, or you can give it a few coats of Decorator’s Varnish to protect it from moisture. Whether it be plants, cushions, (if you have seating in your bathroom) towels, shower curtains or tiles, the fern/palm theme in bathrooms is right on trend.

I think a plain white bathroom with this beautiful green accent can look stunning, and doesn’t have to cost too much to create. If, however, this scheme is all a little too calm for you then you have my permission to paint your bathroom black. Just don’t mention it to my son….




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