2 October 2022
Quick Overlap

This is a cute and very quick hairstyle (a great hairdo for a day when you just don’t have time to worry about hair.)

As you can see, her hair has some crimping on the top (made from some cornrows she had in yesterday.) I’m just pretending I did that on purpose!

So~ you start by taking some hair on one side, bring it to the center of her head, and pin with some bobby pins. The pins will stay in better if you cross them like this………

Now, take some hair from the other side, bring in over the bobby pins and pin it the same way. Repeat, going from side to side, down as far as you want to.

On the last set of bobby pins, it would be cute to add a flower or other accessory. I didn’t want to go searching for something today and we were in a hurry, so this is what she got!

This took all of 3 minutes!!

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