12 Ağustos 2022
Series of the Truth about MEX - Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER


**Chapter 1: Brand changing many times**​

From IKON to MEX now to Multibank

CEO: Naser Taher

His Son: Yahya Taher


+ Delete the profit of the clients

+ Delay the withdrawals many months

+ Clients can not withdraw the money including the initial capital

+ Slippage and delay the execution orders even in the normal market.

+ Do not pay the salaries for employees, the expenses for the offices

+ Not Paying Taxes in China

+ Hidden offices without licenses in China and Hong Kong to prevent the tracking of Police.

+ Fake the name like the bank

+ Fake the history of company and milestone

+ Fake the demo competition rewards

+ Fake the offices (including the USA office)

+ Fake the licenses

+ Fake the awards

+ Fake the international phone number. They are directed to one office in China.

+ Fake the promises with employees

…. ( I will list more reasons in next chapters)

The Proofs will posted step by step in all the websites and social media and will mention it in my LinkedIn

+ My Linked in

+ [www.mulitbankscam.com](http://www.mulitbankscam.com/), [www.mexscam.com](http://www.mexscam.com/), [www.mexgroupscam.com](http://www.mexgroupscam.com/), [www.mextruths.com](http://www.mextruths.com/)

+ More social medias..





**Chapter 2.1: Delaying the Execution speed of clients who have profit.**​


(please see the previous Chapter in my Linked In)

(I will post about the Slippage in Chapter 2.2)

**Dealer Department of MEX:**

+ Target: Make clients lose as much as possible.

+ Duties: Feeders for MEX

They very hate the profit traders.

They treat the clients like the kid when Slowing the Execution of them.

There are many cases, but I showed 4 cases in this :



**Chapter 3: Removed the profit of clients**​


CEO: Naser Taher

His Son: Yahya Taher

Mex – Multibank Group is really the Mafia guys in the Forex industry.

They removed the profit of many win clients with the useless reasons

Below link is one of many cases


User: 66100884

Pass: nvtcat091845

Sever: MEXIntGroup-Real

I sure with you that, this account will be deleted after I post this topic. But I recorded it and save the history.

They removed the profits below



=> they said they have the rights remove the orders less than 120 seconds. But they only remove the orders which have profit but don’t remove the orders which have losses


=> they said this chart had some mistakes so this order not fair.

Next chapter: I will guide How to fake the company to be the USA company or established in USA like MEX – Multibank is doing this fake thing.


Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER ([www.multibankscam.com](http://www.multibankscam.com/))

**Chapter 4: It is the China company but fake is USA company**​


MEX – Multibank Group was established by Naser Zakaria Al-Taher in Tianjin, China

But it fakes to be established in California and wrote this in their website [www.multibankfx.com](http://www.multibankfx.com/)

**I/ How to fake?**

Step 1: They paid the money under table for Businesswire to write this lie article [https://lnkd.in/fDSkc7K](https://lnkd.in/fDSkc7K)

Step 2: They wrote the information in Wikipedia and added above link for the reference to take the approval from Wiki

Step 3: They wrote on their website that the company was established in USA.

**II/ How to check the company is real or not in USA?**

1/ Ask the companies send the copy of Business Registration or the copy of the Annual report

You can ask MEX – Multibank send it for you to check. Sure 100% they don’t have.

2/ Check about the companies on the yellow pages or websites of State by Sate of USA Government

You can check in the California state link: [https://lnkd.in/fUjwEGW](https://lnkd.in/fUjwEGW)

Sure 100%, no companies with name MEX or Multibank



Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER ([www.multibankscam.com](http://www.multibankscam.com/)). The Hong Kong policeman will arrest all of them.

**Chapter 5: Fake the name of company like the Bank**​


CEO: Naser Taher

His son: Yahya Taher

MEX is having only 1 office, it is hidden illegal office and it is placed in Hong Kong.


+ Because it doesn’t have the Hong Kong license about Forex industry

How to operate and how to fake:

+ The real company name is : MEX Fintech (see the copy of business registration)

Company name: MEX Fintech Limited (Not Multibank company)

Nature of business : Software Technology (not Forex indsutry)

Registration date: 18/02/2018 (the new born company)

Address: 11/F Convoy 169 Electric Road North Point


+ Multibank is only the word which they use for nice marketing to attract the newbie client for Forex industry, it is not the company. So the in front of the reception, they put the words “MEX – Representative of Multibank Group”




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