6 Temmuz 2022
SilverStar Builder Scam?

Hey all, a friend recently showed me this thing called SilverStar trading where you pay $145 a month (after a $199 initial investment) to have this “AI Powered Forex Trading Software” making currency conversions and making you money. In the video they claimed that if you had invested 5,000 in the software it would have grown to about $6500 by the end of the year.


It’s also a pyramid marketing scheme, where if you get three other people to sign up using your link your monthly subscription gets waved. Another sketchy thing is that they claim to link to testimonials, but instead it just takes you right to the checkout page.


I know most robots are crap and I have lots of warning flares going off, but a good friend recommended this to me and I don’t want to just brush it away if it could actually be something beneficial.


This is the link to the video and website:



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