7 Temmuz 2022

My main concern right now for automating my high trading strategy is slippage. Ideally I would like to run on lower time frames but slippage may force me up to the daily’s.

.) How bad is slippage really? I know it is relative to order size, but say for a 10 lot order? Slippage also depends on your broker. How are brokers like ICmarkets or Pepperstone? Slippage also depends on time of day and events. Assuming eurusd or usdjpy during the high volume trading hours.

.) FXCM has some pretty good claims regarding slippage. They talk even more about how good it is under “effective spread” (see link) They claim (https://www.fxcm.com/markets/about-fxcm/execution-transparency/) that 64% of orders had zero slippage. Im assuming that’s very small orders. A broker like icmarkets that says they have 50banks for liquidity or whatever surely the slippage cant be too bad?

.) Using limit orders so that your order gets filled where you want it to. But with obvious problems like actually filling the order in time before the market moves. Using 10 lots again, how fast can you get limit orders filled with said brokers and trading times? Or at all?

.) Also I’m just curious about slippage in the interbank market, if anyone somehow has info on that

Anything helps, Thanks!

Tl:dr – brokers that claim they have huge banks and liquidity like icmarkets, how bad really is the slippage with 100k-1m+ orders?


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