28 September 2022

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of gathering hundreds of guests to attend your wedding? Hosting an intimate wedding may be the answer for you. The key to this is obviously to keep the guest list small – we mean literally 20 people maximum, these people should be your actual nearest and dearest! However, successfully hosting a smaller wedding doesn’t just mean cutting your guest lift in half.

Are you searching for an intimate wedding venue? Newton Hall is a unique wedding venue that prides itself on its intimate, romantic atmosphere. Finding the perfect wedding venue for your personality and vision can often be tricky and if a more low key affair with your nearest and dearest is what you have in mind don’t worry, because help is at hand! Not all of us dream of an enormous, extravagant wedding, so whether you have opted into a smaller wedding because of the lower cost or simply because less people means less stress (we don’t blame you!) choosing an intimate venue can have a lot of benefits. Choosing an intimate venue can make your whole day feel even more personal as guests feel connected and together rather than distanced in a large and soulless room. Small venues can also have a more quirky atmospheres or historic features and can, therefore, make for a stunning backdrop to your special day.

So if you’re striving for intimacy with your wedding venue, here are some top tips on how to create this idyllic atmosphere…

intimate wedding


Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of gathering 250 of your ‘nearest and dearest’ to be part of your big day? Well, don’t! Don’t bother with the stress of making sure every Great Aunt Edna is on the list and keep things simple. Focus on the people who really matter to you and ensure your wedding has that intimate feel by keeping your guest list short but sweet. You can’t choose an intimate wedding venue if it’s going to be overflowing with guests! If you’re struggling to cut down, just think would you take this person out for a £100 dinner – weddings aren’t cheap, so don’t spend your money of those who you see once a year for a family gettogether! At the end of the day, keeping the guestlist short will make sure everyone feels privileged to be invited and truly included in this special moment in your lives.


As the wedding is going to be on the smaller end of the scale – in terms of guests. Why not add an element of quirkiness to the venue. Quirky wedding venues are becoming a big trend this season – more people are looking into wedding venues with a talking point, this will add that little something extra to an intimate wedding.


Now that your guest list is shorter, you can spend more of your time making each guest feel special with personalised attributes. Whether this is through table placemats or even the food you serve. It will show you have to treat your guests well. Depending on how intimate your guest list if you can even have every sit at one big table for the reception.


By having an intimate wedding with fewer people on the scene it is easier to get everyone involved in the entertainment. You can even ask your guest to prepare something for them to read out after the wedding – which would be a great form of entertainment!


Use having your nearest and dearest all in one place to your advantage and make the whole occasion longer than a day! Book a few rooms at a bed and breakfast close by, allowing all your guests to stay in the same place and being able to carry on the wedding festivities.


When you don’t stretch your budget on inviting anyone and everyone you can spend a little bit more on other elements of your wedding and make it a truly special occasion. Now that you have your charming, intimate wedding venue, fill it with joy and decorate to your heart’s delight! Create a cozy seating arrangement to ensure you have all your guests chatting all night long and spoil them by spending a little more money on those extras! Nice ideas include giving wedding gifts to your guests to thank them for coming and putting them up for the night which accommodation at your venue or a nearby location. You could also put your excess budget into your flower arrangements, wedding dress or even a fabulous honeymoon!!!

If an intimate wedding venue sounds right up your street then please do not hesitate to browse all that we here at Newton Hall have to offer on our weddings page. If you wish to enquire simply call us on 01661 576239 or email [email protected]

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