Spring Weddings in Northumberland

At Newton Hall, we love a good spring wedding, just as much as you do! The soft colours, mild weather and who can forget the beautiful flowers?! However, we know that there is a lot to plan for, but make sure you don’t forget the following…


Although springtime is awfully pretty, there is no doubt the weather can be a tad hit or miss. Due to this, make sure you book a venue that has the option to move indoors or outdoors, depending on the situation of the day. Or, better yet, why not book a venue where you have the option to use both indoors and outdoor situations. This means you can capture some beautiful photographs outside, as well as staying warm inside, as it will most likely be mild on the day of your wedding. Don’t forget, rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck in various cultures, so embrace the British weather!


Spring Colours

Spring is naturally all about the pastel, easter egg themed weddings, but you can always move away from this and introduce a bright and bold colour. If you’re undecided between your chosen colour scheme, why not plan your colour around the flowers? Whatever is in bloom is the best way to decide. Peonies are available in an array of colours and scream spring wedding!


Although you may think it is, your wedding isn’t all about you. Take into consideration the style of clothing your bridesmaids are wearing, make sure they will be warm. Bridesmaid dresses made from chiffon and tulle are notorious for being on the colder side, so make sure you include a shrug or wrap to ensure your Bridesmaids are happy throughout the day.



Spring is seen as the start of the year, bringing in fresh fruit and vegetables to your table. Ensure your guests are wowed with a wedding menu filled with seasonal produce. There is no point in having a wonderful spring wedding but then introduce uninspiring food. Have a look at Spring themed trends. A trend that won’t be leaving anytime soon is mason jars – using them to serve cocktails, mocktails and even fill them with spring-related gifts as wedding favours.

Spring Wedding Favours

Whether you’re sticking to a simple spring theme or you’re wanting something more extravagant, then make sure your guests leave with a little bit of your wedding theme in their favours. Here at Newton Hall, we love spring favours as they can really showcase your wedding, season and personality:


Packets of seeds or bulbs:

Seasonal seeds and bulbs make for beautiful wedding favours! Use packets that reflect your wedding theme.



Small vintage jars filled with homemade jam can never go amiss. These are especially perfect if you’re having a wedding with an afternoon tea theme.


Easter eggs:

A potentially forgotten about favour that would work wonderfully for a spring themed wedding, especially if it is during Easter. You can customise your eggs or even go for a more traditional theme, rather than using commercial chocolate eggs.



The perfect favour for a cute pun, such as ‘Thank you for BEE-ing with us on our big day’ and showcases the true meaning of spring – New life, whether that be through nature or animals.


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If you’re planning on having a spring wedding why not check out our wedding? We are the perfect mix of elegance and romance so you can really capture your wedding day in all it’s loving glory. Contact us today for more information, or why not try one of our wedding shows?

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