The behavior of the price within a single trading session

The behavior of the price within a single trading session

If you watch the currency market, you may notice that the price is not moving at the same speed all the time, this is due both to the activity of the players themselves and to the release of the main financial news.
In a single forex session there are always relatively calm moments and time intervals, when the price moves abruptly.

In quieter areas, the trade goes on, yielding a not very large but guaranteed result, but with sharp fluctuations one can decently earn, but with such a success, it is realistic to lose part of the deposit.
Consider the behavior of the price on the European session, since it is almost the same as the working day in Moscow time and it is on it trades most of the Russian traders. In this case it is understood that the currency pairs formed by the European currencies are also instruments of trade.

The beginning of the European session is at 9 am Moscow time, at which time the bulk of participants only begins to analyze the market and draws its conclusions on the situation on it. At the same time, there is weak activity, and basically the direction of the trend that was observed at the last session remains.

At 10 am, the market is significantly revived, as the London site is included in the work, and some of the traders have already chosen the direction of the deals and began to open positions.
After ten hours, the forex market is waiting for the release of important news, this expectation can not lead to a reversal of the trend, but it perfectly stimulates the already existing one if the forecasts for this or that news only confirm its movement.

From the 12th day, the most important news on euro currencies is usually published, it is publication of new interest rates, various indices (prices, moods, inflation), GDP and trade balance indicators. From 12 to 15 days the market is feverish, it is during these periods that a trend reversal is possible, so it is advisable to monitor the situation on already opened deals and close the position on time. This is a pretty good time for trading on forex scalping , the trend allows you to earn quickly and a lot, but you need to have enough skill.


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