1 October 2022

There are moments throughout a man’s life where growing and having a beard becomes a real possibility. You might have let some stubble grow out a couple more days than usual, or maybe you got inspired from a few buddies taking the hairy plunge into the winter beard season. Whatever got you interested in letting that mane reign, we’re glad we found you and that you’re interested in learning how to grow a beard.

We live and breathe beards at The Beard Club. For us it’s not just something sprouting off of our faces, but a new way of living as a modern man. Your appearance and how you decide to portray yourself says a lot about you. Growing out a beard, styling it, trimming it up and so on is one of the many ways of letting your unique personality and physiology shine.

The nature of growing a beard involves passivity and patience –  seriously just stop shaving, wait and it’ll eventually show. Even so, you still need to put in a little amount of work if you want to grow out a well kept and healthy beard.

We’re going to take you on a journey from root to tip for that glorious thing on your face. Let’s start from the endless motion of growth rumbling from beneath those cheeks.

Initial stages of learning how to grow a beard

It’s important to first point out a commonsense fact, every beard is different. They are going to grow out at differing rates and have varying degrees of thickness, shape, color and more. Yet, there is a general flow to the first couple weeks and months when growing out facial hair. The word “beard” conjures up a few different idea in people’s’ minds. Generally a beard is longer than half an inch and usually constitutes any kind of facial hair with considerable length. For our purposes things like: mustaches, goatees, sideburns and the like are also all part of the bearded family.

All iterations of facial hair start at the same place. The first month of growth is a very important time. On average hair grows at a rate of 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month. Some beards may grow significantly faster or slower.

Here’s a few things you can expect in your first month of not shaving.

  • No more razor burn or putting bandages over shaving cuts.
  • Less dry skin from overexposure to shaving cream and other harmful chemicals.
  • A substantial amount of time saved by not being forced to shave.

Onto the facial hair front, you’ll begin to see your hairs growing in darker regardless of the color of your beard. You can classify the hair on your face into two types: vellus (the peachfuzz and nearly translucent hairs) and then terminal (darker and thicker hairs). As you grow older, you’ll eventually have all terminal hairs. Again, this is dependent on a number of factors.

Your health, activity levels, and how your body reacts to testosterone and dihydrotestosterone or DHT will all contribute to your beard growth.  

Some guys might have been sporting some sideburns or a stache when they were little testosterone filled tykes running around the schoolyard. Other guys might not have seen their first chin curtain until their early twenties. There’s a few things you’ll learn over the course of these first four weeks of growth.

For example, there is no escaping a healthy diet and being physically fit. It will show on your beard. Now we’re not talking about all becoming olympians here. Instead we hope for your sake that if you want to learn how to grow a beard, you’ll understand the correlation between well-being and bearded zest.  For the best growth outcome, you need to take care of yourself.

In terms of hair growth, right away you’ll be able to determine if your mustache connects with the rest of your beard. A quick look in the mirror will also show you where any thin parts may be or other unique growth patterns stem from. It’s at this point during the first month, where you can decide what style you want to grow and what best fits your own individual beard type.

Different beard types and textures

Right off the bat you’ll start noticing when you grow your beard out, how different it can sometimes be from the hair on your head. For simplicity’s sake, we can classify hair types as: thick, thin, wavy, curly or sometimes a little mix and match of all these attributes. The hair on your beard comes in just as many flavors and varieties.

The reason for this diversity in beards comes from something called follicle composition. Genetics are at the heart of determining your specific hair type. Different ethnicities all contend with varying types of beards. For example, people of Asian descent tend to grow round hairs, Europeans grow rounded oval follicles and those of African descent grow out closer to a flat oval.

The overall thickness and constitution of your beard is really dependent on whether or not it’s curly, wavy or straight. Curly beards tend to grow in loops. If you find a dislodged beard hair, it usually looks like a fully loaded spring. Straight beards tend to grow downwards and you could consider wavy beards somewhere in between.  

Lengthwise, it’ll look like a curly beard is growing slower but thicker. The spiral growing hairs bunches all of these together to give it that appearance. Curly beards require a little more upkeep as they grow longer as there is a risk for tangles. After the first month, you’ll get a good read on how curly and thick your beard can grow.  

A straight beard should bring to mind the image of a great bearded monk or viking. Straight beards tend to look a lot longer than a curly beard, even when they’re technically the same length.The wavy beard is in between the straight and curly composition. It has a unique look to it. The hair follicle is slightly curved and that’s what gives it the wavy flow.

In the early stages of growing your beard, you may come across a couple of thin patches. Sometimes these patches are just lagging behind the rest of your beard while you grow. Also remember that you’re dealing with a three dimensional object – yes your face. There are hairs growing downwards from your chin and outwards from those cheeks. As your beard grows up and out, not every part of your facial hair will be at the same length.  

General grooming tips for different beard types

Here’s some timeless advice for all beard types. Let’s start with the straight beard.

  • Use a comb in lieu of a brush.
  • Apply a growth oil so it fills in quicker.
  • Comb out the chin and neck hairs to align with cheek growth.
  • Realize that your beard will grow longer than those with curlier beards.

There is some variations to working with a curly or wavy beard.

  • Use your brush carefully to avoid tearing out hairs.
  • Gently comb out to get rid of tangles.
  • Set longer styles in place with beard balms or wax.
  • Oil regularly to stop beard from drying out.
  • Avoid any straightening methods.

Before we get into the premium products that Beard Club offers, you should have an idea of how long you want to grow your beard or other facial hair style.

How to grow your beard to a certain length

Many men will face all the seasons and decide that they want to grow out a yeard. A yeard is a full year of uninterrupted beard growth. The goal is not touch or significantly shave or trim your beard for 12 full months.

There are steps that all bearded men must take in order to achieve a clean and healthy beard regardless of the intended length they’re after.

One of the main complaints for men learning how to grow a beard is the dreaded beard itch, beard dandruff and dry skin. These types of woes are something both a day one novice and even a yeard could face if they don’t take care of their beard correctly.

Here are some staple grooming tips along the way.

  • Always apply an oil, cream or spray to a new beard.
  • Cut stray hairs away with either a trimmer or scissors.
  • Adjust your beard oil and balm usage as your beard gets longer.
  • Trim your mustache or curl it so it doesn’t grow over your upper lip. (Unless you intend on growing out and styling a stand-alone mustache)
  • Do not cut any hair growing vertically, until you’ve decided upon a length or style.

Now one of the worst misconceptions about beards are that those who wear them are lazy. This statement couldn’t be any further from the truth. The modern bearded man cares about his hygiene, his appearance and the way he presents himself to the world.

This is where our superior product line comes in.

Products that will help you grow a beard

There is nothing unmanly about taking care of yourself. We all run combs through our hair, clean our clothes and make sure to brush our teeth. The beard is a shining jewel of an innate biological strength we all possess. It requires a whole range of beard care essentials that not only give you the vitality you need, but also leave you looking and smelling great.

We believe that caring for yourself helps you become a better man. And if it starts with something as simple as growing and maintaining a beard, well then that’s something we can get behind one hundred percent.  

The best way to alleviate common itches and other “growing pains,” is through our staple product – beard oil. It’s a hydrating mixture of completely organic and natural oils that helps to soften and moisturize your beard hair. It doubles as both a nourishing and styling product. Your skin produces sebum, and when your beard grows it needs more of that. This is why beard oil is an absolute necessity when you grow a beard.

Beard balm, waxes, and creams also provide your beard with the nourishment it needs to encourage growth and soften out brittle and dry hairs. Additionally, we offer a range of shampoos, body washes and hair pomade made with the same natural ingredients for the rest of your body.  

One of our most exciting product lines is our range of growth products. These are intended for new growers who may have experienced lackluster results in the past when they’ve tried growing a beard. Our growth oil is specifically made to counteract negative pollutants in the environment and send you on your way towards having a much fuller and healthier facial forest.

Read about the wide range of oils that makeup our wondrous elixir of growth!

Seriously, some of these oils have been used in native medicinal practices for thousands of years. There is also rising scientific investigation into how some of these oils help to stimulate hair growth, act as anti-inflammatories and boost blow flow.  For example, part of the mixture includes sandalwood, which acts as an antibacterial and gets rid of beard itch at the same time. Cedarward is packed with sesquiterpenes which help to release toxins from the skin.

Pair that with our growth vitamins and you’re on track towards some massive beard gains. One thing that we can’t stress enough is patience. It may take a few months to start seeing patchy beard spots fill in. This is by no means an instant beard pill that’s going to take you from zero to bearded hero in a second. How your body reacts to testosterone and your genes all contribute to the final outcome of a great beard.

How healthy eating and exercise help you grow a beard

A whole lot of everything that is either going right or wrong with your body emanates from what you eat and drink. Getting on track for a healthy diet and improving yourself doesn’t have to be a drastic life change, it can start with just a few new simple things done everyday.  

Drinking water is a fundamental aspect of being healthy. Our bodies are made primarily out of water. We can’t live without it for more than three days or sometimes less. When it comes to hair, water helps to regulate our circulatory system which in turn stimulates and grows our hair follicles. If you’re not drinking, you’re not growing. The best pure liquid you’re ever going to get is plain old water. Try to stay away from drinks with a lot of added artificial sugar. Sugar can increase inflammation and that may influence how your beard hair grows.   

Make sure to fill up on those leafy greens. One of the simplest ways to do that is to add a jolt of vegetables to your plate and palate. You’ll be pumping new iron and calcium into those veins for a leaner stomach and shape. Vegetables that are rich in carotenoids, some which include beta-carotene are great for you as they convert into Vitamin A. This helps boost your immune system and builds bone strength.   

Nutrient deficiencies can account for lackluster beard shine and healthy skin. There is a direct correlation between diet and quality of beard growth. But not only that, eating healthier has a whole host of ancillary benefits to both your body and beard.

Cooking something for yourself isn’t that hard to do. It’s seriously a function of surviving. So let’s step away from takeout and restaurant antics for just a moment and see what we can do to eat better. Here are the tenants of a healthy diet:

Make sure that you’re eating at regular intervals throughout the day. This means not skipping breakfast or an early lunch. Eggs paired with a serving of lean meats, including chicken, fish, or steak will get you off to a great start. You’ll get a host of benefits by upping your protein intake through:

  • Increasing your testosterone levels.
  • Eating vitamins that help to strengthen hair.
  • Activating testosterone and DHT levels.

There’s also a number of staple foods you should be eating at all costs

  • Spinach – is jam packed with omega-3 acids, iron, potassium, and calcium. Spinach is considered a superfood and contributes to your overall health.
  • Beef – red and rarer meats are usually doused in a lot of saturated fat, which is an essential for producing greater levels of testosterone. Adding beef to your meals will give you the fats you need to promote greater facial hair growth.
  • Kale – is a great source of vitamin A. The body needs this to help repair skin tissues.
  • Fish – there are so many different healthy fish in the sea! Something like salmon can give you a whole host of micronutrients that your body needs. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B and of course omega-3s.
  • Oysters – the premier source of zinc comes from this food. Zinc is a fundamental part which guides your cells for growing hairs. It also tastes delicious and is packed with protein.
  • Nuts – any kind of nut will do. You’ll find selenium inside your nuts, which is a mineral for hair growth.

A great diet consists of a diverse mix of proteins, carbohydrates and necessary fats. No fad diet will ever beat the fundamentals. Your plate should be about half way filled with greens consisting of fruits and vegetables. Next your seasoning, oils and other staple foods will supply fats. Protein will usually come from some kind of meaty meal.

Avoid any processed food and sugars when possible. Sugar is both a fat and carb, which means it is terrible and the hidden weight gain killer lurking in your food.

Let’s talk about getting our fair share of vitamins.

What can Biotin can do for your beard?

One of the vitamins that stands out for us is Biotin. It’s an important component of the B vitamin complex. It occurs naturally in a number of different foods. Its main responsibility is for maintaining and creating fatty acids and glucose. Biotin also lays the foundation for keratin (a fibrous protein) which makes up your hair follicles.

For the general population, it is believed that their daily biotin intake is consumed through regular foods like:

  • Eggs
  • Whole grains
  • Almonds & other nuts
  • Milk products
  • Bananas

Yet there are always exceptions, right now there is no consensus on how much biotin supplementation can assist you with growing stronger beard and head hair. But the evidence is mounting and it can’t hurt to supplement biotin with a host of other vitamins.   

This can be done through taking our growth vitamins. We have a smorgasbord of incredible vitamins that will help you exceed your daily intake. If you’ve never taken a multivitamin before, you might not be used to the smell. The stench shows you that there are no unnatural coatings to dilute the power and purity of vitamins.   

Finally, the topper for a balanced diet leads us into some general fitness tips. Once your eating is on the right track, you can then commit some of that new energy into a workout plan. Physical fitness helps to eliminate stress.

Stress makes your body build cortisol and lessen testosterone levels. Remember that testosterone is the hormone responsible for stimulating beard growth. Stress in turn constricts blood vessels and has a runaway effect to the rest of your body.  

There is a lot you can do to control the health of your beard.

  • Consuming the proper food and supplementation.
  • Staying active and fit.
  • Getting rid of stress.
  • Correctly grooming and caring for your beard.

We’ve been doing all of the following for thousands of years. Man has never departed with his beard throughout the ages and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be doing so anytime soon.

Science of beards

Throughout the years, men have wondered in awe about the mighty beard. Evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin once pondered the nature of the beard. The mystery of why men have beards is no more. Here are some scientific truths about beards.

You might be wondering why humans even grow beards? Well for one, scientific research has proven how having a beard makes you more attractive.   

A multitude of studies throughout the years have already found that bearded men are usually seen as:

  • Older.
  • More Masculine.
  • Socially dominant and more aggressive than their clean shaven counterparts and even more attractive.

In a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, a group of 8520 women were asked to rate physical attractiveness of men in varying states… those being: shaved, stubble, heavy stubble and full bearded.

  • Women rated men in terms of qualitative attractiveness and whether or not they’d want to have relations with the man on a short-term basis or in a long-term relationship.
  • Results showed a significant interaction between beardedness and masculinity correlating highly to attractiveness ratings.
  • Facial hair enhanced long term attractiveness.
  • Stubble to heavy stubble enhanced short-term attractiveness.

Clean shaven men ranked lowest on all ratings.

The study was a big win for bearded men and confirmed something we already really knew.

Basically, if you’re rocking some designer stubble then you’re in for more of a one night type of relationship. Larger beards signal to women that you’re more attractive for starting up a long-term relationship.

This might explain why the beard is flourishing all around the world.

It’s in the beard genetics

Depending on where your ancestors are from, your beard might be big and curly, thin or wavy or somewhere in between! The texture of your beard is usually very different than the hair on your head.

You could have a thick beard, but a thin head of hair. That’s because your beard is a different type of hair called androgenic hair. This shows up after puberty and is regulated by hormones called androgens.

The relationship between your beard and head hair is determined by your genetic makeup.

A recent study published in the science journal Nature, determined that there are 18 genes that are responsible for hair type & hair growth in some fashion. The most important gene – EDAR – controls beard thickness and hair shape. It’s likely that this gene’s function controls hair follicle density on most or all parts of the human body.

This gene among a few others crosses over and affects different parts of your hair by determining curliness, early onset baldness or even whether or not you’ll have a unibrow!

  • Men’s beards don’t fully develop & mature until their early to late twenties.
  • Genes directly responsible for beard growth: EDAR, LNX1, PREP, FOXP2
  • Beard shades are dependent two kinds of melanin: eumelanine (black pigment) and pheomelanine (red pigment).

Our genetics largely determine what types of beards we’ll be able to grow.

Have you ever wondered why some men have red beards but not red head hair? Red beard pigmentation is caused by a mutation in a gene called MC1R.

Only two percent of the population have this genetic makeup! Making them very rare in the bearded population.

Evolution of beards

Beards are a byproduct of our evolutionary design. Over the years, a man’s facial hair has protected him against his enemies and been used to terrorize his foes! Beards make the jaw look larger and more intimidating in battle.  

Some studies have shown that when two men – one clean shaven and the other bearded make a menacing face… the bearded one is considered more aggressive and dominant.  

Beards most likely evolved in men to help them boost their interaction among and over other men. More dominant men are more likely to get further mating opportunities when they intimidate their rivals.

Which brings us to our trusty counterpart – the lion.

There’s some striking similarities between a lion’s mane and a man’s beard. Only male lions develop manes and only male humans develop beards – and both are for social reasons. Some scientists believe that the beard is actually grown to protect a human’s face!

The beard isn’t just a flashy ornament, but something ingrained into the biological structure of man.

This just proves the common wisdom: that a man without a beard is like a lion without a mane.

So if you grow it, you better know how to groom your beard.  

Beard grooming tips & best practices

On average, you’ll want to apply beard oil at least once a day. This could be right after your morning shower or before you go to bed. Warm water in the shower will help to open up your skin’s pores. After they’ve been cleaned and your pores can breathe, you’ll find that the oil absorbs more readily.

When drying your beard, make sure to do the following:

  • Pat your beard completely dry.
  • Apply oil when slightly damp.
  • Avoid wringing out or aggressively rubbing.

How much oil you put in your beard depends on the size. You’ll usually only need to use a dime sized amount for short to moderate length beards. After you drip the oil on your hands, make sure to rub your palms together and then apply evenly throughout your face. Beard oil is the fundamental product in your grooming tool kit. But our beards are all vast and varied.

Which is why we decided to find a solution to every woe and worry you might face.

How to use your beard care essentials

We’re constantly upping the ante when it comes to beard care. Take our beard balm as an example. It can be used for conditioning and styling a beard. Balms are solid when compared to beard oil. The balm can be thought of as a thick paste. The heavier makeup of the balm is great for getting a hold on wayward hairs. Use either alone or in combination with a beard oil for a set style and strong hold.

Twist the cap off and pinch a dime sized amount in between your fingertips. You’ll want to make sure you mix it around in your hand first. Or else you’ll have to deal with a big glob in one little area on your beard. Depending on where you store your balm, the texture might get a little loose if its in a hotter area. But don’t worry, that won’t ruin the composition or hold. Our balms are very flexible.

Don’t ever hesitate to rub the excess balm or oil through your scalp and hair. It’s a great conditioning component for any type of hair.

Here is a breakdown on how to use your core beard care products.

Use beard cream for moisturizing

Cream is the perfect solution for bringing moisture back to your face. Simply twist your cap off and dip two fingers into the cream. It should be a little runny, but have a generally even thickness throughout. Rub this evenly through your beard. It’ll dampen it just a little bit and allow you to slightly shape it.

Beard sprays for hydration and smell

Our beard spray has a lighter composition of liquid than our beard oils. It’s used to both soften the beard and keep a long lasting fresh scent. Just a couple spurts will do, after that you should apply the rest of it evenly throughout your hair.

An invigorating splash of the Riptide spray will leave your beard naturally smelling fantastic. There are notes of almond, ginger and coconut. If you want the growth oil in spray form, then the Growth Vitamins spray will take care of that for you by adding over ten different mixed essential oils into your facial hair.  

Beard shampoo and body wash in the shower

Our shampoo and body wash keeps up the all natural and organic blend from head to toe. Massage that mop of yours and knead those fingers in deep to the roots. Our shampoo doesn’t include any of those bubbling agents that pretend to clean your hair. The Beard Club’s shampoo coats both your beard and head hair with protecting coconut oil and many more natural extracts.

All of our washes are meant to keep your skin and hair silky and smooth. They act as both a conditioning and nourishing product for the manly hedges.

Now we’re cooking with crisco. It’s time to put all of these beard products together for the ultimate beard care routine.

Creating the best beard care routine

Ask anyone with a super well-kept beard and they’ll tell you their routine starts with beard oil. Natural beard oils consist of a blend of carrier and essential oils. Together these two crucial components help to form the basis of the oil and let the oil function for what it was intended for, that is to grow and nourish your beard.  

First off, essential oils are taken from herbs and other kinds of plants. Many of these natural extracts have been used for thousands of years around the world as medicinal remedies. They’re known to soothe irritation, heal dry skin and act as both antiseptics and anti inflammatories. These essential oils also form a very fresh aromatic scent.

In order for these essential oils to stick together and not evaporate, they have to be combined with carrier oils. These carrier oils act as a kind of solvent and make up most of the beard oil. Although they’re not just there to hold together the main essential oils, they also provide the rich and nourishing effect from a number of different vitamins that include vitamins such as A,B, D & E.  

Finally, the most important properties of the beard oil is its hydrating nature that hits both the skin and hair. Now remember something called sebum? It’s an oil that the skin produces. It helps to give volume and shine to a hair follicle. As your beard grows, it’ll need more and more sebum to maintain itself.

There are a number of ways that beards can get damaged. You need to mitigate these things before you can create the perfect beard care routine. For example, don’t ever use a popular cosmetic for washing or conditioning your beard. These shampoos are designed in such a way that they tend to trap sebum and stop it from flourishing. Also too many frequent washes can leave your beard dry as well.

Steps to beard care success

A great scheduled and habitual grooming of your beard will leave you with an envious stretch of facial hair. Good grooming gives you the following:

  • A softer and smoother beard
  • Complete elimination of the beard itch
  • A complete shine without a greasy look
  • Damaged beard hairs repaired

Everyone’s grooming routine will be different. But there a few central tenants you should keep in mind for complete success.

The simple process of creating a daily beard care routine can set your day up to start off great. As you continue to learn how to grow your beard, style it and let it flourish – you’ll soon learn what works best for your individual needs.

Here  are some guidelines and steps you can use to get started.

  • Apply your beard oil right when you wake up or after a shower.
  • It’s also always smart to wash or oil your beard after exercising.
  • Learn how to gently comb out any tangles and don’t let them fester overnight.
  • Keep an extra comb or brush laying around your office or when you’re on vacation.
  • Apply oil throughout the day whenever you feel you need it.
    Avoid beard bedhead by proactively washing or combing before bed.

You are saving a lot of time when you don’t shave. Spreading oil and other products throughout your face is a meditative and easy going thing to do everyday. Styling your beard only takes a few extra minutes per day. Once you have developed a real schedule, you won’t even be conscious of the zen flowing maintenance you do on the daily.

There’s also a bunch of things you don’t have to worry about anymore when you start growing your beard.

  • No more damaging chemicals and fragrances on your face.
  • Don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or accidentally cutting your face.
  • Wasting time, water and energy cutting up and shaving.
  • Not having to spend money on razors, shaving cream or other types of aftershave lotions.

It takes 21 days to create a habit. That’s just three weeks of growing out your beard. The sooner you start growing, the better. Beards tend to cultivate a new sense of superiority and individuality. Soon you’ll want to express yourself in new and fulfilling beard styles.

How to shape your beard

There will come a time when you’re growing your beard that you’ll want to do some homegrown maintenance on it. This usually includes trimming around the mustache area to get hairs out of your mouth, or trimming the cheeks and angling the beard.

Sure you can go ahead and go to a barber, but nobody knows your beard better than you do. Here’s a few different ways to can shape and upkeep your own beard. There are a few main areas that are of concern to us when taking out the buzzing trimmer.

Beard trimming for upkeep and maintenance

The main places on your beard that need the most upkeep are the neckline, mustache, and cheek lines. 

The neckline is one of the easiest things to mess up on. Wherever you shave your neckline, know that you’ll have to continually cut that on a weekly basis. Use a comb and electric razor to line things up easily. If you intend on growing out a full beard, there’s no reason to worry about your neck growing out with the rest of the beard.

Be careful not to trim downwards into your facial hair line. Instead pick a point and start shaving from the outset and upwards so you don’t make a mistake.

Always keep all of your tools and beard oiled up before grooming and styling. If you want to get a shorter beard after growing it out for some time, a regular clipper with a guard will work. The larger numbers will cut off less. A 1 or zero will basically take your beard right down to the stubble. Keep that in mind if you don’t want to reset your whole beard.

New doors open up to the new bearded convert. You might not think a beard will change you, until you finally decide to grow one out. It’s a beautiful thing to let nature take its course. We know that the bearded night is young and the tides will continue to turn in our favor. Which is why we intend on continually providing extraordinary service and products to our brotherhood and larger bearded community.

Beards are a lifestyle statement. Whether it’s return back to your roots or just a style preference, your beard is going to help define you. And we’re going to help define your beard.

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