4 Temmuz 2022

The use of advices by novice traders

Hearing about the big earnings on forex, the majority of novice traders have absolutely no idea about trading in the foreign exchange market. To study the subtleties of technical analysis and the peculiarities of the trading terminal’s operation for quite a long time, and you want to earn today.

It is for this reason that beginners are more often interested in automatic trading using advisers, it would seem, which the broker chose easier, installed a trading terminal and launched an advisor, and the profit itself will drip into the account.

But if in fact, everything was so simple, most people have long traded on the stock exchange and did not go every day to work.

In such a case as trade advisors, there are a lot of pitfalls that will have to be faced at the initial stages of the process. Therefore, it is better to switch to automatic trading after some familiarity with work on forex, try, first to trade on cent accounts and understand the essence of the process.

It is not superfluous to get acquainted with the work of technical indicators, because it is on their basis that most of the scripts are built. After all, the Expert Advisor is not a home appliance, it requires fine-tuning for its correct operation, how you can configure that without understanding how it works. Haste, in this case, will bring nothing but disappointment.

After you learn the basics of working on the foreign exchange market, you can try and work with automatic robots, for this you must first choose a broker to trade advisors since many brokerage companies do not allow the use of third-party scripts in trading.

Then download the forex advisor in the relevant section of the site, if for some reason the installed script refuses to trade, it may be designed for the trading terminal of another broker, try another advisor.


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