28 September 2022

You can’t be born with it. You can’t learn it from an Ouija Board. If your lifelong dream of being a rock star ended when you discovered you couldn’t sing or play an instrument, you at least had a backup plan. Right? If Plan B is to become a rock star day trader than you came to the right place. Here are our tips on how to make that happen:

The beautiful thing about Forex trading is that the markets never close. Well, at least something is going on around the clock in different parts of the world. The sked looks like this:

London – Open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM GMT.

EUR, GBP, USD all active currencies at this time.

United States – Open 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM GMT.

USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and JPY all active.

Asia – Open 10:00 PM GMT Sundays to 9:00 AM GMT.

Perfect for night trading rock stars.


Know The Peaks And Valleys

Throw away your Magic 8 Ball because here’s when you can benefit most with the all-day, all-night trading schedule. You have a super-sized peak time when the United States and London markets overlap. That would be between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM GMT. Another active time to check on what’s happening is between the start of the London markets and the close of the US ones. In other words, pay attention to both of these sessions.

Stay On Top With Forex Signals

Here’s where some logic comes into play. So, if you’ve been getting your Tarot Cards read, it’s time to move on. With daily usage of Forex signals you can get the jump on trading opportunities before your card reader will know what’s happening. So, with logic as your guide, checking your Forex signals every 10-minutes is dumb. Shoot for reviews just before London opens, most definitely when London and the US are open together and near the close of US.

Just In Case, Fuel Up On Caffeine

We are not going to ignore the Asia markets because they can be tons of fun as well. You will need to dose up on coffee to get the full benefit and making daily use of Forex signals just before Asia opens is a good start. Follow it up with a check near closing, that is if you are still awake and coherent.

Who Cares If You Can’t Sing?

When you’re a Forex trading rock star, it won’t matter. Using these tips will help you get there.

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