Trading on the stock exchange

Trading on the stock exchange

Such a trait of character as stubbornness is inherent in almost all professional traders, ask any professional for how long he traded at a loss or without a special profit and you will be surprised by the answer.
Usually, the way from the deposit’s discharge to a stable profit during each month takes at least a year or even several years. You need to be as goal-oriented as possible, that after large and not very bad losses you will start trading again on Forex.

That’s why you should not expect that trading will immediately become your source of income. Only stubbornness will help you learn how to extract money from currency trading.

Evaluating my own experience of becoming a trader, I can say that I had to spend half a year only to study the technical aspects of trading on the stock exchange and the fundamentals of trading. For about six months I traded on cent accounts, it was the cent accounts that saved me from major losses. And only three years after becoming familiar with the market, forex became the main source of income.

In the fourth year, the profits grew so much that I was able to repay the loan ahead of time for the car and the house, and then forget about such a concept as a lack of money.

Many of my friends tried to follow my example, asking what is my secret forex? I honestly told you that it was tiresome to do, gave references to books that I read, but after a couple of plums, most of the acquaintances simply stopped talking with me, believing that I did not finish something.

Unfortunately, you can earn on any of the stock exchanges at once only with solid capital, accurate information and without using the leverage. With a marginal trade, you have to have a huge work experience for your earnings, and take into account the slightest fluctuations in the market, which are simply not perceptible when trading at your own expense.

That is why trading Forex should first become your hobby, so to speak, some kind of strategic game, which you will replace your communication in social networks, and after that, you will not notice how the number of profitable trades will increase and there will be extra money.


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