26 September 2022

Jason Sen

The E-mini S&P 500 has been holding a wide and volatile range from the low-2600 area up to resistance at 2805/20 over the past two months. See the daily chart below.

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If we expand that daily chart to show the price action over 2018 you see we have been holding the eight-month trendline support which is now at about 2615/10. Clearly this is important so a break below the October low of 2603 will be an important negative signal.

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Of greater significance is the arguable formation of a huge head-and-shoulders pattern. The April-to-October/December trendline support acts as the neckline. Therefore a break below 2600 confirms the completion of this very negative pattern with potential for a minimum 10% further losses.

Further negative confirmation would come with a break below the green 500-day moving average at 2592/91. Initially we target 2580/75 and 2560/55. A move below 2550 risks a re-test of the low this year at 2533/29.

We can see the neckline meeting the rising 100-week moving average at 2606/08 in the weekly chart below. This adds weight to the importance of the trendline and, bearing in mind the oversold conditions of this chart, a bounce from here is certainly possible.

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In the short term we meet minor resistance at 2642/44 and 2655/57 but stronger resistance at 2665/68. Above 2675 look for quite strong resistance at 2692/95.

The most important support of the week for the E-mini Dow Jones (for pretty much the same reasons as above) is from 24300 to 24230.

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The trendline in the daily chart above stretches back to February 2018, but you can argue this also acts as a neckline to a similar large head-and-shoulders pattern.

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A break below 24050, therefore, is a serious medium-term sell signal. Below the June low at 23978 we target important support at 23480/450 this week. We are likely to bounce from here on the first test. It could even allow a recovery to the neckline for a selling opportunity, in a perfect technical analysis textbook performance!

Jason Sen

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