28 September 2022
romantic wedding venue

Do you want to make your wedding look like it’s just stepped out the pages of a fairytale? Step out in style with your Prince Charming with these 5 stunning ways to make your wedding venue the embodiment of Romanticism…


You may think it is best to have the brightest lights at your wedding reception, however, if you dim them slightly you will naturally create a more romantic ambience to the whole venue! If you’re getting married in autumn or winter when the nights draw in much earlier,  you will have a much more intimate atmosphere anyway. However, if you’re concerned about your venue lighting being far too overpowering there are a few things you can do to change it. Dim it down and create an intimate atmosphere with low key lighting. Whatever your budget lighting is a cost-effective way to make your set the mood in your venue.

Let candles work their magic…

From tea lights to candelabras, place them down your table runner and have your guests enjoy their meal under the flicker of a flame. Using candles is also a nifty day to scent your wedding – a new trend kick-started by the likes of Jo Malone. Make a memory by creating the most romantic sensorial experience.


Creating a romantic wedding venue starts with the canvas!

Chose a romantic wedding venue…

Save yourself the hassle and start how you mean to go on by hand picking your dream romantic wedding backdrop. Small wedding venues can make for an elegantly intimate affair, alternatively, try a chic barn wedding with dramatically high ceilings and rustic beams. If you’re stumped for the perfect, look no further than our available function spaces here at Newton Hall and let us help you make memories that will last a lifetime.

romantic wedding venues


There is nothing more romantic than having uniquely personalised elements to your wedding day.

Think outside the box and let your personality shine…

From personalising your vows to naming bar cocktails after yourselves it’s these small touches that really do put the icing on the cake at a wedding. A great example is naming or numbering tables at your wedding reception after dates or places significant to your relationship e.g. ‘London- Where we first met’, ‘Edinburgh- Our first date’, ‘Paris- Our first trip away’ and so on.


You might not think it now, but as life moves by fast it can often be hard to remember an exact moment how you lived it the first time.

Lock in your emotions and remember them forever….

Before your big day why not write a letter to your husband or wife to be, with them doing the same in return and tell them how you are feeling at that exact moment and your hopes and dreams for your life together. Keep it for safekeeping and open it up on a wedding anniversary if the future. It’s a lovely sentimental touch which will keep the romance rolling for years to come in your very own wedding time capsule.


Weddings are all about celebrating love, so get your guests involved and make sure the love in the room shines!

Make memories together…

Fall head-over-heels in love with the people that matter to you by your side and get their involvement by asking them to leave you messages in a guest book with memories of you both as a couple and offers of advice.


Roses are an obvious choice of decorative flowers when trying to make your venue romantic, although you shouldn’t overdo it on one particular choice of flowers or decorative items. Peonies or trailing ivy are always a nice touch to any wedding venue.

Personalised decor always adds a romantic effect…

Whenever something is personalised between the married couple it automatically creates a more romantic feel to the whole wedding reception. Whether that’s personalised glasses, placemats or even wall art.


Think about choosing more luxurious textures of fabric for your table runners. Something that looks heavy and is potentially deep in colour always creates an intimate and romantic vibe. Or you could even go the opposite way depending on the season and go for something light like silk.

These top tips for creating the most perfect romantic wedding will be sure to get hearts thumping and tears flowing. If you are still in the hunting for your wedding venue get in contact with us today and let us show you what we have to offer for your special day.

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