What Is Scalping, Is It Harmful?

Scalping is to turn on / off the position within 180 seconds depending on the time between opening and closing a position. In other words, this is the process based on whether the pip value is 10 or more or less in the position you open in this 180 seconds. If the pip is larger than 10, you have not scalping. If it is less than 10, you are also a bir scalper ’.

In general, Scalping appears to be the opposite of what is told about forex. As it is a kind of urgent and irregular type of action, it can risk and stress the investor from time to time if it does not have enough information.

Is Scalping Harmful?

Whether scalping is harmful or not is entirely dependent on the investor’s approach. If this is your method in general, you will be at great risk. Because when you enter this investment, you will enter in a market that will rise rapidly in the forward direction, when the correction will take place or when the curve will return, or when there will be a sudden decline, without a short cut. Of course, the effort you spend to find such a position and the hours you spend at the screen can make you return as stress and headache, you must also be prepared.

Clearly, scalping imposes a hurry on your investment. While hastiness cannot be a sustainable condition for financial markets, it can be used as an occasional method.

So why be a ”Scalper P?

How to get Scalping to be a scalper? The profitable part is; The gain you can get with Scalping is directly proportional to the size of your capital that you can use in the Forex market. If this method is free and information about the method is believed to be really sufficient, then high earnings can be achieved quickly in accordance with the spirit of forex.

How to Avoid Errors

There is no need to do anything against scalping events that can occur due to system errors. Because when such problems occur, it is not the investor but the forex brokerage institutions. Forex brokerage institutions provide support to prevent such troubles in their precautionary measures, and when it is realized that scalping is done, they immediately take measures to protect the investor.

In short, Scalping means gaining instantaneous price movements. People who try to profit from instant price movements are called scalper.


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