6 October 2022
What to think of these IG traders?

I follow a guy on Instagram that allows users to copy his trades through a broker. I can see how it is NOT a scam because he makes his money through a commission every time someone follows his trade on his broker (or that’s what he says…)

He offers 1 month free signals and then if you are satisfied with his signals he charges 100 £/Month or something. You just need to sign up to the broker he is using and then he adds you to some Telegram group where you get the signals. Also he is asking for minimum deposit of 350£ for you to be able to follow his signals. (Atlest thats what he says)


Any thoughts on this? Kinda dont want to get screwed with 350£


P.s. I can post the profile if you want. It has lots of ‘testamonials’. Dunno if it’s against the rules or not

Here is the profile. I’m sorry if it’s against the rules!




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